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Malaysia Revolutionizes Dental Healthcare With Data-Driven Systems and AI

Implementation of AI Technology in Dental Healthcare in Malaysia

Digital transformation is underway across all industries and healthcare is no exception. Clinical medicine has been evolving rapidly while episodic care is now replaced with continuous monitoring of patients remotely through patient input and biosensors.

Specifically, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various fields around the world has been widespread including in the healthcare industry.

The advanced technology has penetrated the oral care field, seeing positive outcomes derived from the particular technology.

Malaysia too is advancing its dental healthcare industry with the implementation of AI technology aiming to have better treatment outcomes and experiences for patients.

AI systems aim to provide multiple options of treatments for the patients to choose from, including comprehensive analysis that could further shed light on a patient’s condition.

A system that aims to prevent errors in diagnostic called Dental Imaging Diagnostic and Clinical Decision Support System, is being built. It leverages AI and machine learning for accurate interpretation and suggests the suitable treatment plans for the patients.

Although the development of AI machines is still at the early stage, the anticipated technology will be ready to be utilised next year.

The technology will also help to standardise treatments or procedures that can be referred by all dentists.

The developed AI systems can be used by dental colleges and universities in Malaysia to prepare young dentists and equip them with accurate knowledge.

A recent conference on AI in the healthcare industry held in Kuala Lumpur, another step taken by Malaysia to educate its people about the technology.

The Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare conference was organised by the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM), actively discussed the need to adapt and adopt the latest technologies like AI in healthcare services.

Embracing technology was the focus of the conference. The implementation of AI in the healthcare field aims to ensure the smooth delivery and efficient treatment for the patients while reducing errors.

Health Director-General, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah affirmed that the application of AI technology in the oral care industry is the correct step as it ensures the service efficiency.

At the same time, health practitioners are also encouraged to embrace technology and improve their patients’ outcomes.

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah added that the adoption of ‘uberisation’ in the medical field is necessary to provide medical and surgical services using disruptive technologies.

To offer better, faster, cheaper and safer medical services to the public, it is important to optimize the utilisation of the AI technologies in Malaysia.

In previous Digital Health Malaysia’s (DHM) Telemedicine 4.0 conference, it was noted that policymakers, industry and academia, as well as medical practitioners and providers, need to support digital health initiatives in Malaysia.

The government is heavily involved in the promotion and organisation of events and platforms which further their agenda that centres technology and digital transformation. The benefits of this strategy are already apparent in the country.

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