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Malaysia seeking more hi-tech investment from China

According to a recent report, Malaysia’s unhindered access to the US and Europe markets makes it a good choice for China-based exporters to base themselves.

According to the nation’s Finance Minister, beyond domestic considerations, Malaysia has easy access to the world’s major markets, be it the US, Europe or elsewhere. This is an important factor for exporters to consider when the global supply chain is being re-oriented due to trade flows either in the Pacific driven by the US.

For China-based exporters affected by the economic uncertainty in the west, Malaysia is clearly a base that they will need.

In the first quarter of 2019, Malaysia approved foreign direct investment of RM29.3 billion, an increase of 73.4 per cent compared to RM16.9 billion last year.

A total of RM4.4 billion came from China, making China the second biggest source of approved manufacturing investment into Malaysia, after the US investments of RM11.1 billion, in the first three months of this year.

Malaysia’s Finance Minister lauded a tech giant that has been the centre of recent controversy in the US locating its regional hub in Kuala Lumpur, with more than 2,500 employees.

Reputed as the leader in 5G technology, it was noted that the company and other technology companies have a role to play in aiding Malaysia in implementing Industry 4.0 technology, especially 5G, throughout the society here.

Malaysia has stated that it will continue to facilitate Chinese investment into Malaysia particularly the high-tech Industries and innovation-based services. Moreover, Malaysia is keen to learn from Chinese advances in artificial intelligence (AI), advanced materials, robotics and cloud computing.

The country hopes to woo more high-tech investments from China. The Finance Minister will, for this purpose, be flying to Shenzhen this month. Malaysia wants to let potential investors know the nation is a key hub, not only in terms of manufacturing mix but also cost, compared to other countries.

It was noted that the Finance Minister was speaking to reporters after officiating at the opening the Malaysia-China Belt and Road Economic Cooperation Forum 2019. Also present was the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, the Chairman of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority and the Chairman of the Malaysia-China Business Council.

According to another report, Malaysia has profited by the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and is anticipating more collaboration in exchange and speculation.

The BRI is a financial activity figured by China to improve its availability with the world. Malaysia bolsters the BRI to support economic advancement all through Asia and unite the area through a straightforward and reasonable instrument.

Malaysia remains a dependable exchange accomplice for Chinese exporters the ebb and flow worldwide atmosphere and is the perfect door to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The solid financial bond between Malaysia and China is evidenced in the way that China has remained the nation’s greatest exchange accomplice, and Malaysia is accepting expanding number of Chinese vacationers which recorded a 7.6 per cent expansion in the initial 5 months of this current year.

It was noted that Malaysia’s pledge to encouraging the passage of Chinese organizations into the nation with the point of drawing high innovation organizations specifically.

Malaysia will continue to encourage Chinese ventures in Malaysia, especially the cutting edge Industries and development based administrations.

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