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Malaysian Chief Secretary Dr. Ali Hamsa on Building a Robust ICT Framework for Malaysia

Malaysian Chief Secretary Dr Ali Hamsa on Building a Robust ICT Framework for Malaysia

At the Forum Digital Service Repository 2015, the Malaysia Administrative Modernisation and Planning Unit (MAMPU) showcased the technological advancements from within the public sector. The forum was held on 8th October at the Ministry of Federal Territories.

The theme of the forum was, “Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Service Delivery.” This subject spoke to many of the representatives in the audience as Malaysia’s public servants are keen on increasing their use of connected devices.

YBhg. Tan Sri Dr. Ali Hamsa, Chief Secretary of Malaysian Government, shed light on this situation as he took the stage to greet the members of the forum. He praised the OpenGov partnership with MAMPU for facilitating recognition for public sector excellence in ICT utilization, data analysis, and mobility. Dr. Ali Hamsa then briefly introduced MAMPU’s new products and initiatives: the 1GovEA master plan, GAMMA (the Gallery of Mobile Applications from the Government of Malaysia) and 1govUC.

Dr. Ali Hamsa stated, “The current landscape of ICT has allowed computing, big data analytics, open data, and enterprise architecture to provide many new opportunities on the matters of information acquisition and for a more holistic utilization of information across government.”

This speaks to the growing interest in big data analytics for public sector service enhancement. In speaking to MIMOs Berhad after the awards ceremony, it was realized that prediction is the next step in big data analytics advancement.

On the topic of IoT and its value to the public sector, Dr. Ali Hamsa says, “With the combination of public sector policies and the strategic utilization of information by the public sector, people on the forum showcase can provide an up-to-date innovation on how our everyday lives will feel more connected to IoT.”

IoT provides opportunity to advance the nation of Malaysia. In embracing and integrating connected devices, the Malaysian government will be ahead of other countries in establishing a framework to support advancement. Dr. Ali Hamsa declared to the crowd, “Using this infrastructure, objects can communicate with each other and even automate activity between them based on the analysis of data streaming through the network.”

He goes on to create a picture of a world by means of IoT, “Imagine a sprinkler which uses humidity and weather sensors to optimize the watering of your lawn, or a public trash can that compacts trash as needed…home security systems which allow you to control your door locks and CCTVs remotely and take proactive action on your behalf to hold down your home, based on your preferences, malicious activity, and your proximity to home.”

The awards given at the forum exemplify those public sector agencies who are “using their skills and ingenuity to solve problems,” as Dr. Ali Hamsa put it. A connected nation won’t happen in one agency alone, but rather, it will happen together.

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