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Malaysian govt to introduce tech as a school subject

According to a recent report, the Malaysian Government is looking at introducing technology as a subject as part of the education syllabus.

The aim is to equip and prepare the younger generation and students with the advanced technology and knowledge in the digital industry, according to the Minister of Communications and Multimedia. The Minister noted that the proposal had been discussed with the Education Ministry.

The Malaysian Government is working to develop a new system of learning where the ever-expanding technological challenges are met, especially now with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) having given a new impetus to educational transformation.

The news was announced after launching the JomStudi programme at Kampung Kering Labu’s Internet centre.

The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia will be collaborating with the Education Ministry, but at the moment, no decision has been made so far, as Governmental agencies need to set up a proper infrastructure before the syllabus can be introduced.

The Minister of Communications and Multimedia acknowledged that various preparations needed to be made before the idea could be executed, especially providing easy Internet access nationwide, especially in the rural areas.

The aim is to keep pace with a world that is moving towards the industrial and digital era.

The Government is working hard to provide internet access, infrastructure and facilities which can benefit people from all walks of life.

A collaborative effort is being made by various educational firms and educational technology companies and JomStudi, a new digital learning hub that aggregates school syllabus-based content to make digital learning more available, to provide better educational opportunities around tech particularly in under-served areas of Malaysia.

JomStudi provides students with easy access to quality educational content that follows the syllabus format set by the Education Ministry.

It was noted that the collaboration was vital to bridge the digital gap and change the way learning was experienced.

The Minister of Communications and Multimedia noted that it is important for the younger generation to start building digital skills and ensure that they have an appetite for life-long learning to thrive in the future workforce.

Tech-based learning

In Mat 2018, an article noted that Malaysia’s education minister seeks to focus on tech-based learning and multilingual skills.

The minister had noted that technology-based learning and developing multilingual students will be among the main areas of focus of Malaysia’s education ministry.

In order to keep the line with the aspirations highlighted in the current education blueprint, more efforts would be made to introduce additional languages into the national syllabus.

The minister said that the current Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 and the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education) would be maintained as it contained proposals that could propel the rank of Malaysia’s education system internationally.

On calls to reintroduce the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI), it was noted that the matter would be discussed by the Cabinet.

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