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Malaysian tech sector logs surge during Movement Control Order

Malaysia’s population may be working from home with the Movement Control Order (MCO) but the tech world is far from quiet. Thanks to the latest technology, being at home isn’t all that bad, one report notes.

Trustworthy sites

While there has been a surge in fake news related to COVID-19 and other current affairs, there are many trustworthy news portals.  Many tech giants, especially social media platforms, are working to prevent the spread of fake news.

Two of the world’s largest platforms, for example, not only provide local updates but also what’s happening around the globe as the virus pandemic hits the globe.

Both Facebook and Instagram also offer educational pop-ups on top search results connecting them to the Health Ministry or health organisations, including the World Health Organisation


Many other parties are also helping to make the online experience safer.

E-commerce platform Shopee, for instance, has released a list of guidelines for its users to be wary of scammers as well as sellers who take advantage of product shortages by increasing prices, especially with sanitisers and face masks.

Consumers are encouraged to continue being considerate and not buy more than they need so that every Malaysian has access to essential products. Also, Malaysians are being called on to join the platform’s efforts in keeping essential products affordable.

The platform has also launched its special “Shop Safely From Home” campaign till 4 April 2020 for users to purchase their necessities at one place with deals starting at RM0.44 and discounts up to 80 per cent.

A logistic solution

Logistics has been the key factor throughout the MCO period. From online shopping to food delivery, with limitation of movement, many choose to have the items delivered instead.

Food delivery companies have recorded high requests.

The Country Head of Grab Malaysia stated that while thousands of its drivers are now “jobless”, the delivery service is soaring and thus many of the drivers do food delivery too.

Unlimited entertainment

The lockdown has got many people looking for entertainment. A local music streaming platform currently offers more than just on-demand music to its listeners.

With a 20 per cent increase in desktop login rate during the MCO, it proves that music is still a welcome entertainment option while one is working.

Streaming platforms offer non-stop entertainment option to those stuck at home during the MCO period.

Rising data usage

All the online shopping, delivery services and streaming entertainment won’t be possible without Internet data.

A Local telco, in a statement, says the company understands how important it is to stay connected, especially with friends and family, during the MCO.

Whether voice and video calls, messaging or social media, the firm is offering free 3GB mobile Internet pass for all Maxis users.

Also, another telecom is offering free calls to the national and state-level Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre hotlines, free double hotspot data quota for various plans.

There are also discounts or rebates for food deliveries and daily essentials paid using its standalone universal e-wallet.

A mobile services provider has also pledged to maintain the high availability and quality of its network to ensure connectivity is top-notch, especially in residential areas, data centres and customer touchpoints.

To ensure Malaysians are well informed with vital information on COVID-19, the firm is also working with authorities to disseminate health, emergency and public interest announcements via daily SMS broadcasts.

OpenGov Asia also reported that the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) recently launched the #DigitalvsCovid campaign, which rallies local tech and digital companies to extend their services and create incentives for those affected by the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO).

So far, 80 local tech-centric companies have joined the campaign and are offering a multitude of solutions and services on a pro-bono basis to help businesses and consumers through the challenges resulting from the MCO.

Whether it is an attractive discount or strategic collaborations, the companies expressed sincere interests to help buffer the impact of the MCO at large.

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