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Malaysian Workers Digital Knowledge Key for 2020

Malaysian Workers Digital Knowledge

The impact of digitalisation on traditional job roles across industries and functions will continue to be a trend observed in Malaysia’s job market next year, with many more expected to have digital knowledge and skillsets, according to the Malaysian branch of a leading English company providing recruitment and human resources services.

Apart from a high demand for digital professionals in the areas of data analytics, cybersecurity and IT regulations, professionals in human resources (HR) and marketing will also be increasingly expected to have digital knowledge and skillsets.

Automation will also impact functions across industries, particularly within the HR, supply chain and finance sectors.

Therefore, positions that involve high levels of simple repetition such as finance data entry roles, are at high risk of becoming redundant, while in HR and supply chain, knowledge of relevant software has also become vital, Hays noted.

Underlying this transformation is a demand for senior professionals with experience in directing and implementing change. This includes HRBPs (HR business partners) and CISO (chief information security officers) who will be required to work cross-functionally and have strong stakeholder management skills.

The rapid pace of digital change in Malaysia has laid the way for a new set of challenges and opportunities in 2020. However, the country’s movements towards re-industrialisation and a more digital, automated workforce, is well in tune with global movements towards the same.

The continuous support of the Malaysian government will help sustain and accelerate these industries, bolstered by the country’s healthy economy and favourable market conditions.

Open-minded organisations who can offer opportunities to develop and train their employees will find this to be a mutually beneficial practice and an effective way to manage the ongoing talent crunch.

For candidates, those ready to embrace the impending digitisation of all industries and equip themselves with the change management skills needed to weather transformation will be best placed for the year ahead.

According to one firm, the top talent trends for 2020 are:

  1. Technology governance front lining financial institutions
    2. Data Analytics candidates to be in strong demand
    3. Automation will eliminate repetitive finance data entry roles
    4. Digital banking on the rise
    5. Growing demand for demand planners and logistics candidates
    6. Automation continuously digitalising the HR function in Malaysia
    7. Heavy, chemical and automotive industries will be driving demand for regional sales positions
    8. Demand for convenience as a market driver
    9. High emphasis placed on IT in the legal space.
    10. Marketing candidates expected to have better digital and soft skills.

With regards to the continuous government help, OpenGov Asia reported that the need to accelerate the digitalization of SMEs is constant in Southeast Asia. This is so that SMEs can remain relevant in the global market and gain a competitive edge.

Malaysia is keen on achieving such goals by the year 2022, in line with governmental efforts to empower a digital society. The country is actively taking on multiple initiatives to get businesses to leverage viable solutions that could help automate operational processes and achieve digital proficiency.

In particular, the government has prioritized digitalization efforts among SMEs to maintain relevance, maximize business efficiency, and increase productivity.

There is also a strong focus on digital payment capabilities as the country believes that enabling the service is a crucial first step to digitalization.

OpenGov Academy

In line with smart nation efforts of encouraging AI technology adoption, OpenGov has launched its OpenGov Academy, in collaboration with AlphaZetta.

The OpenGov Academy facilitates and promotes AI masterclasses, workshops and customised courses that are conducted by AlphaZetta and supported by OpenGov.

This academy will feature masterclasses across various levels: C-suite, management, business, and, expert.

The classes have been created to impart understanding – taught in an intuitive, accessible way, keeping formulae and mathematics to a bare minimum and taking an innate, visual approach.

Data literacy, AI and data science, and strategic decision making with data are some of the classes offered by the academy.

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