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Malaysia’s first 5G Live Cluster Field Trial deployed

In a bid to accelerate 5G realisation in Malaysia, the oldest mobile telecommunications provider in Malaysia has deployed the country’s first 5G Live Cluster Field Trial.

The CEO of the firm stated that the six-month 5G field trial will be conducted at its headquarters, and the surrounding areas of Petaling Jaya Sentral to test and observe the application of 5G coverage in real-life environments.

The firm’s 5G Live Cluster Field Trial will explore 5G application models and use cases, demonstrating 5G’s ability to support Smart City applications and to explore new vertical industries such as transportation, agriculture, education, security and many more, reporters were told at the launch of the field trial.

5G is expected to deliver comprehensive connectivity to consumers and businesses with a differentiated experience.

The telecom’s initial 5G tests saw user throughput of close to six gigabits per second and will be further optimised during the live field trials within selected areas in Petaling Jaya, such as Section 14, Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) Tower and Taman Jaya LRT Station.

These 5G macro sites cover about 1.22 square kilometre, encompassing around 450 households, 130 shop lots, offices, shopping areas, outdoor spaces and an estimated population of over 4,600.

An in-depth study on 5G’s characteristics is crucial to ensure a smooth roll out in the near future, and the cluster field trial is an ideal platform to test its capabilities thoroughly.

The firm’s network experts, together with multiple technology partners, will be testing and familiarising with 5G user experience, use cases, network configurations, customer lifecycle management, network optimisation and commercialisation, which will eventually lead to the evolution of existing services, processes, products and business models.

The telecom is very confident that this 5G trial will allow them to understand and eventually deliver a world-class 5G network to all Malaysians and realise a truly digital Malaysia.

Malaysia preps for 5G trials across 6 areas

Malaysia announced eight companies committed an initial investment of MYR116 million to run 5G trials, which will kick off in October and run for six months.

With the goal of accelerating the deployment of 5G for businesses across various industries, the Chairman of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said that 32 5G sites across six states will demonstrate 55 use cases involving nine verticals: agriculture; education; entertainment and media; digital healthcare; manufacturing and processing; oil and gas; smart cities; smart transportation; and tourism.

The projects will focus on cultivating the development of a holistic and inclusive 5G ecosystem in pursuit of stimulating demand as well as the adoption of 5G technology for businesses and consumers.

The aim is to commercialise some of the use cases beginning the third quarter of 2020.

The support and investment from the participating companies reiterate the industry’s commitment to establishing a strong use for viable 5G applications that will transform various industries as well as impact positively the living standards of Malaysians.

MCMC aims to attract additional investment for 5G development as well as proposals to enhance connectivity in the other states.

The country’s largest mobile operators recently detailed plans to increase infrastructure sharing to prepare for 5G, as they begin field trials and raise CAPEX to support the new technology.

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