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Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore to develop a maritime innovation system and harness digitalisation

The Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) 2019, themed “Driving Connectivity, Innovation and Talent”, will be held from 6 to 14 April 2019. Organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the nine-day event will gather experts from around the world to share pertinent insights about developments affecting the industry, strengthen relationships, and offer opportunities for members of the public gain a deeper understanding of Maritime Singapore.

Developing a vibrant innovation ecosystem and harnessing digitalisation

To create an enabling environment for maritime innovation, MPA will unveil its Maritime Innovation Lab during Singapore Maritime Week. The purpose-built facility is set up to provide an enabling environment for experimentation and test bedding of innovative port services and intelligent ship operations through digital and regulatory enablers and ecosystem partnership.

As a digital test bed, the developer space will complement the physical test bed that MPA has to future proof the sea port. Industry partners, research institutes and local universities will be able to plug into the test beds, data hub and regulatory sandbox to develop maritime solutions and capabilities.

Several projects that are undergoing test-bedding will be showcased at the open house. These include the Next Generation Vessel Traffic Management System, Remotely Assisted Pilotage and Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships.

The 4th Singapore Maritime Technology Conference will see discussions take place about technology as an enabler for growth, promote the maritime start-up scene and hone in on cybersecurity.

The Sea Transport Industry Digital Plan, along with other innovation-led initiatives will be rolled-out at the opening day on 10 April 2019.

Building a future ready and skilled Maritime Workforce

To bolster a strong maritime talent pool, conferences and meeting throughout the week will discuss maritime talent development trends and human resource-related issues so that companies can tailor their talent development programme accordingly.

Topics will highlight key trends in the future maritime talent, leadership styles, career development, pay and reward, and the effect of technology on the maritime industry.

Looking towards to global talent, 30 C-suite administrators from 27 countries will come together for the Advanced Maritime Leaders’ Programme that will hone their leadership skills and build new capacity to transform their organisations.

The MPA said that “Singapore’s standing as a leading global maritime hub is supported by the 3 themes Connectivity, Innovation and Talent, which have made headway in growing the country’s breadth of maritime services, fostering innovation and nurturing talents.”

The 14th Singapore Maritime Week will see 24 forums and conferences, eight networking receptions and four public outreach activities.

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