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MCMC’s tech-based programme hopes to attract young inventors

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will focus on implementing the technology-based programme to produce more inventors among the younger generation in Malaysia, according to a recent report.
The programme is an initiative to raise public awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics by incorporating IoT development for technology enthusiasts, educators, thinkers and students.
MCMC’s technology and community division head said that said the programme hopes to inspire Malaysian youth and offer them exposure, as well as awareness, on the importance of the Internet of Things (IoT).
According to another report, the division head said that the programme initiative focuses on schoolchildren and youth as well as adults to be more creative and able to produce inventions that could be marketed or commercialised.
MCMC has a laboratory in Cyberjaya opens to the public as a learning platform for basic innovation training to create a product,” he told reporters after the launch of the Disruptive Technology Transformation – 4th Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges seminar here today.
The one-day seminar was organised by MCMC in collaboration with Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka and officiated by State Communication, Multimedia, Youth Development and Sports Council Committee chairman.
The head also said the programme’s focus is also in line with Malaysia’s preparation towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
According to the website, it provides participants with an avenue for creativity and innovation development in the areas of 3D printing, drones, embedded systems, electronics, augmented and virtual reality and IoT programming, among other areas.
MCMC is not the only one that sees the importance of preparing the next generation for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. In 2017, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) launched the Malaysia Digital Hub to grow the nation’s digital economy, with the aim of supporting start-ups and its communities, with tech and digital co-working spaces.
Meanwhile, Sabah’s chief minister approved an additional RM1 million grant earlier this year for the Ministry of Industrial Development to expand e-commerce in the state. The move came as the government recognises the need for more e-commerce applications and platforms to boost Sabah’s digital economy.
A report stated that this came as the government recognises the need for more e-commerce applications and platforms to boost Sabah’s digital economy. The minister said the technology will help the state generate employment and business opportunities for its youths, adding that small and medium-sized enterprises can also benefit from e-commerce.
At the same time, Sarawak’s chief minister said the tourism industry must leverage digitalisation to remain competitive in the global market.
According to a report, the minister stated that digitalisation is especially crucial as marketing platforms, customer personalisation and integrated technology play a key role in an increasingly connected future.
He stressed the importance of looking into digital marketing strategies, online reputation, as well as the use of social media and mobile phones throughout the customer journey. One huge advantage of digitalisation, the chief minister said, is gathering data and analytics which will enable companies to personalise services and experiences, which can, in turn, attract consumers.
One of the objectives mentioned under Malaysia’s Smart City Initiatives is to establish policies, strategies and action plan base on urban categories with reference to the national urbanization policy. This includes programmes similar to the one by MCMC mentioned above.
Part of Malaysia’s six-pronged approach to creating a smart city is by investing in its citizens and creating smart people. This can be done by seeking to improve the urban people way of life, high human capital, (knowledge workers), high human development index, people highly flexible and resilient to the changing circumstances.

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