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MDEC Calls on Industry Leaders to Help Boost Digital Policy

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry (KKMM) has announced that the upcoming Digital Content Ecosystem (DICE) policy is undergoing due processes of engagement and syndication led by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

The high-level meeting saw the participation of government and industry leaders. It was part of the due process that MDEC was undertaking to develop the DICE Policy 2020-2030.

The main goal of this engagement was to create a deeper understanding of the DICE policy and expand government outreach with the creative industry.

Announced on August 2019, the DICE policy is a comprehensive paper that MDEC put together under the direction of KKMM with the aim of fortifying the local digital content industry and ultimately positioning the nation as a leader in digital content creation and production.

MDEC stated that animation studios, games companies, platforms and ecosystem players participated in last week’s industry engagement session.

KKMM Minister, who was in attendance, said that Malaysia has been recognised powerhouse in the digital content industry, and the nation intended to achieve more by reinforcing the foundations that were already in place.

To move forward, the country will need a clear strategy among all government stakeholders. This includes alignment among industry partners and ecosystem players, with the aim of setting a clear direction for markets and investors to follow.

According to the Minister, the digital content industry has become a fast-growing export sector for Malaysia, generating RM1.3 billion in exports at a 28 per cent compound annual growth rate since 2014.

The DICE Policy

  • According to an earlier OpenGov Asia article, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia is working with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to establish the Digital Content Ecosystem (DICE) policy.
  • This policy aims to strengthen the local digital content industry and ultimately position Malaysia as the leader in digital content creation and production in the region.
  • The Minister of Communications and Multimedia said that Malaysia, which sits in the heart of South East Asia, is well poised to further grow and solidify its position as the game development hub of the region.
  • Malaysia is attractive to digital content and creative tech studios due to its youthful demographic, access to talent with cultural influences from both the East and West and a higher education system that has a focused tech-track, he said in a statement.
  • The policy will focus on attracting investments, building local talent and companies and strengthening the ecosystem through government and private sector partnership.
  • It also aims to advance research, IP creation, commercialisation, branding and marketing capabilities in order to improve its export potential. It will also look at best practices to promote a healthy animation and gaming environment for all users.
  • DICE, spearheaded by MDEC, will seek to drive the growth of the digital content economy through its exports and talent development.
  • MDEC will look at potential collaborations between the public and private sector, government, industry and academia to further the nation’s ambitions in this sector.
  • The strategy is anticipated to spur a competitive, commercially successful industry supported by a cohesive ecosystem of talent, business, government and legislation, providing opportunities for long-term ecosystem growth.
  • As digital content catalyses the use of both technical and technological skills combined with art, creativity and design thinking, uplifting digital content can be used as a leading policy initiative with a spill-over impact into other sectors of the economy.
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