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MDEC Kicks Off New Digitalisation Programme

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia’s lead agency in digital transformation, recently announced the kick-off of the 2021 edition of the 100 Go Digital Coaching programme which aims to enable businesses in key sectors to move towards digitalising their businesses to remain competitive, sustainable and profitable amidst the pandemic.

This year’s programme will incorporate a hands-on and hand-holding component to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness. It will also seek to support a conducive ecosystem to accelerate the digitalisation process so that businesses can expand their operations and increase their revenue as well as take advantage of the digital platform to further widen their avenues to generate income.

The CEO of MDEC stated, “Pre-pandemic, we have had to tell businesses on why they should go digital. Now, it is a question of how and with the new components incorporated within the 100 Go Digital Coaching programme, we are confident we will be able to infuse digital advantage into businesses, sharing and enabling the best practices and technologies to assist businesses to survive and thrive. This is also in line with Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL) which aims to onboard 875,000 MSMEs onto the digital platform by 2025.”

The 100 Go Digital Coaching is made up of three key components which holistically covers the digitalisation course of a business. Firstly, the Coaching Session which will provide an overview of the process ensuring understanding of the benefits and opportunities which lie ahead.

Pain points and challenges will also be identified and practical guidance will be provided by coaches from corresponding renowned companies. Coaching workshops will be hosted by MDEC throughout the year. Secondly, businesses will be provided recommendations of digital solutions and strategy to be incorporated into their respective business plans to move up the technology value chain.

Finally, MDEC will also track and monitor their progress to ensure they stay on the right track and receive intervention and assistance where needed. Businesses will also be introduced to other programmes which will further aid their development as they progress through the stages of digital adoption.

The Chief Digital Business Officer of MDEC noted, “We got what it takes and we will give it all we have got to ensure businesses find success in this difficult time. As needs and challenges evolve with time, the 100 Go Digital Coaching programme is keeping up to ensure local businesses remain viable and profitable by utilising the best digital has to offer.”

The 100 Go Digital Coaching is aimed at the retail, F&B, logistics and professional services sectors. The coaches possess a proven track record and they come from eight established. These are amongst the first group of digital coaches with more to be added shortly. Apart from the coaching session, these companies will also provide online training materials and a dedicated programme support team.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given a wake-up call to people around the globe that they need to transform with the use of digital technologies, wherein the faster and more agile among them will ensure survival.

The Chairman of the National Tech Association of Malaysia (Pikom) stated that certain people, especially business communities, have to move forward and embrace the changes that are taking place before them, OpenGov Asia earlier reported.

He noted that technology will be at the core of this transformation of businesses and society; interaction in social spaces, in business communications, and in dealing with the government will change. “It does not look like the COVID-19 situation will leave us anytime soon, there is only but one way to address it. We must find ways to adapt, live with the situation, and work around the challenges for us to move forward,” the Chairman said in his welcoming remarks at the virtual Pikom Digital Summit 2021 on 19 May 2021.

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