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Ministry of Education and Sport focuses on Technology for Education

Ministry of Education and Sport focuses on Technology for Education

Laos Government Signs Agreement to Enhance IT skills for Students

Deal to Improve access and usage of ICT among students

Ministry of Education and Sport of Laos have signed a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) . This Education Transformation Agreement (ETA) is intended to equip students with relevant ICT skills and boost their employability.

This agreement will also foster Laos’ international collaboration to improve its education sector.  It will aim to engage policymakers, educators, and students. With global education entering a cloud-first and ICT dependent era, this agreement comes as a boost for a nation facing challenges in having its citizens embrace ICTs.

Technology can also allow new learning experiences beyond the agriculture-rich lands of the Southeast Asian nation. According to Associate Professor Dr. Somkiat Phasy from the Ministry of Education and Sports, the agreement is geared towards the country’s long-term future and to keep up with global educational trends.

“Our partnership to support the Laos education sector marks a major milestone for both the country and technology providers…We look forward to working with them to make the vision of our plan both scalable and sustainable," he said.

In order to achieve this form of sustainability, this agreement aims to impact key leaders involved in the education sector. Ministry will conduct an ICT Policy Workshop for education's stakeholders – including policymakers, development partners, ICT private sector and civil society.

The workshop will provide a platform in discussing the potential of integrating technology into teaching and learning.

Assessment tools will be introduced to improve the capabilities and competencies of educators, as well as to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Teachers will themselves use technology to teach. The agreement will also help schools to suit their technology programmes in accordance to requirements of the industry and employers.

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