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Mission-Focused Application Services [OG Partner]

The modern government organization deploys, manages, and  maintains a multitude of data centric applications. From citizen  services to law enforcement, border security, case management, fraud detection, wearable sensors, and military operations,  agencies rely on back-office and frontline solutions to power their many missions. The increasing amounts of data generated in  today’s digital environment can provide powerful insights to  transform agency operations and improve mission capabilities,  but many agencies struggle to capitalize on their new data sources. Among their key challenges is integrating siloed data from legacy systems to enable effective analysis in support of mission operations. Another major challenge is keeping pace with technological change. Developing and deploying new applications—quickly and efficiently—while managing and maintaining these application  has become increasingly difficult in today’s constantly evolving digital world. The mounting stores of data and complex array of applications can drive up costs and, if not managed well, increase security risks.

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