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Mobile app development program for Filipino senior high students

A mobile app development program was recently introduced in a senior high school’s curriculum, in the Philippines, in response to the growing developments based on the platform.

According to a recent report, the mobile app development program was introduced for school year 2018-2019. The strand incorporates early training in the most needed skills in Information Technology (IT).

These skills include Computer Programming (C++), Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures in Java, Mobile Computing and Database Management Programming in Android, Android UX and UI Design, iOS App Development in Swift, and iOS Networking and Security, among others.

The iACADEMY claims to be the only school that offers this type of program at the senior high level.

According to the Dean Emeritus of the iAcademy, the current learning environment calls for teaching practical application of IT or computer science courses in order to enable students to be more adapted to the real demands of the industry.

The school trains its students in logic, design and programming. The school focuses on developing a strong foundation in the fundamentals so that it will be easy for the students to adapt to any kind of technology, platform or programming language.

Having a well-rounded team that has complementing skills is required in order to develop a successful mobile app.

Mobile app development requires more than just a programmer, especially nowadays when apps need to be more responsive to the needs of the market.

Nevertheless, the school believes many young Filipinos can make a name for themselves in the IT industry.

On their part, the school steps up by offering a responsive education system for IT courses that guarantees students would have the necessary knowledge and skills that match the demands of the industry.

An organisation, made up of software and IT service companies in the Philippines, had expressed their concern over the low skills of Filipino IT graduates.

In its 2017 report, the organisation found that 52% of IT graduates found it challenging to land a job due to two major reasons.

The first reason would be that the IT students were taught with outdated technology.

The second reason would be that the teachers exerted more effort on teaching programming languages instead of programming.

Rapid developments in the IT industry, according to the organisation, demand for professionals with highly specialised skills.

Not only that, they should also be well-versed with the latest tech trends. Being equipped with strong fundamentals in IT is a must for an IT graduate.

However, they should also be exposed to new software and tools that are currently being used in the industry.

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