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Singapore Recognition of Excellence Awards

A Platform for Recognition

Nominations are open!

Asia's Most Prestigious Government, Healthcare, Education, GLC and FSI Sector Transformation & Modernisation Awards

OpenGov Asia recognises Public sector, Healthcare, Education, GLC and FSI sector organisations for innovative and disruptive use of technology through optimisation of processes, delivering people centric services and pushing new boundaries.

Sands Expo & Convention Centre

  • 10 - 11 May 2023
  • 8.00 am – 5.55 pm (Singapore Standard Time)
Over the past years, Singapore has embarked on a technology acceleration journey to improve the quality of citizens life. Many programmes and projects were executed in different fields of education, agriculture, aerospace, healthcare, banking, retail and many more, with a strong focus on technology implementation. The strategic direction has shifted from digitalising public services and systems to implementing technology in various industries to accelerate economic growth and quality of life. The Singapore Recognition of Excellence is part of our Recognition of Excellence (ROE) series launched in 2015. Over the past seven years, we held ceremonies in Canberra, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Victoria, and Wellington, recognising over 500 government, healthcare, and education services, FSI and GLC entities.


All nominations must be approved by a Director-level representative of the nominating organisation. Continuing the success of the past seven years. the recognition of excellence awards will be conferred to public sector, education, healthcare, GLCs and FSI sector organisations for innovative and disruptive use of technology through optimisation of processes, delivering people-centric services and pushing new boundaries. Nominations for the OpenGov Recognition of Excellence Awards 2023 are now open. Will your organisation be among those honoured? To stand a chance of winning – you have to nominate!

Judging and Criteria

Recipients of OpenGov Asia Recognition of Excellence Awards (ROE) are chosen by a panel of experienced and well-known digital experts in their field. Any organisation that falls in one of the five sectors can nominate their own project or initiative. Alternatively, they can be nominated by another organisation (e.g. public sector agency or ministry, educational institute, citizen group or associations).
  • The nominee must have a tech-enabled or empowered solution/initiative/project that is designed to better serve citizens or clients.
  • Any nominations made by a party must include all relevant contact details of the proposed nominee.
  • Deadline for nominations is end of business day 30 days before the judging week.
  • The nominee must have a physical office presence in Singapore and the nominated project must serve citizens/clients in Singapore.
  • The owner(s)/authorised executives of the nominated project must acknowledge and agree to participate in the process and the awards function.
  • The nominated project or initiative should have gone live and be at execution stage or should have been initiated between 12 months preceding the deadline for nomination.
  • Previously nominated initiatives will not be eligible.
  • Previous recipients that have only made minor changes or additions to their initiative will not be eligible.
  • Previous recipients that have made significant changes to the project or delivery methods or scope will be eligible.

The panel will assess nominations based on six key areas and rate the overall nomination on the following:


How innovative is the nominated initiative?


Does the initiative use new technology and/or existing technology in a gamechanging way?

Flexibility & Agility

How and to what level has flexibility and agility been incorporated into initiative design?


Does the initiative show desire and commitment to digitally transform itself, its context and/or its beneficiaries?


Does the initiative cater to or is planned to cater to a wider base to incorporate best Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness practices?


Is the initiative future-oriented to accommodate on-the-horizon technology and emerging digital eco-systems?

Recognition of Excellence Awards Past Winners

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