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New AI HUB Sets Taiwan as a Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence

Intent on upgrading its existing industries and becoming a global leader, Taiwan’s government launches its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) hub. The island nation has identified the capabilities of AI to increase the productivity and efficiency of various industries. Hence, the government decided to adopt multiple measures to support industrial AI research and development.

Added to this, Taipei is asking the private sector to promote the deployment of AI solutions via Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) programs in the country. Already, Taiwan’s business community is witnessing an uptick in the AI adoption rate due to past efforts.

Taiwan’s artificial intelligence drive, called the AI HUB initiative, is led by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau. To gather needed data and come up with a viable plan, the group interviewed over 20 industry associations regarding their pain points and problem areas. To date, there are more than 50 artificial intelligence applications in the country.

An industry expert is quick to point out how such a move by the public sector could boost the private sector today in using artificial intelligence. She disclosed that the use cases for AI are growing rapidly, but enterprises may still be reluctant to risk adoption. Thus, government programs that support AI companies and startups, as well as the adopting enterprises, are an important way to increase the development of the industry.

Moreover, she added that the effort made by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau goes a long way in helping companies operating in various sectors to quickly adopt AI technologies in a way that meets the real and immediate needs of their industries. In short, such a government-led initiative could move the needle when it comes to AI adoption.

Taiwan’s AI HUB seeks the improvement of key areas to accelerate the growth of artificial intelligence. These areas include:

  • Providing better support to companies for helping them in the R & D process.
  • Providing incentives to enterprises for adopting AI technologies.
  • Tailoring the program to develop AI adoption for the real and immediate needs of industry segments.
  • Highlighting various use cases to point out the advantages of AI technologies.

The AI HUB has been doing due diligence for quite some time. To date, the initiative has meticulously designed its plan of action by monitoring international trends in the AI market. Such a calculated move should ensure the effectiveness and success of the newly launched initiative.

The global artificial intelligence software market is forecast to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching around 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Overall, the AI market includes a wide array of applications such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), robotic process automation, and machine learning.

Taiwan’s foray into AI could make it a haven for established AI businesses and AI startups from the region, in the process making it a centre for artificial development initiatives in Asia  — and possibly the world.

Today, the island nation’s economy has a competitive edge with distinct advantages. Its semiconductor manufacturing industry has been widely considered as unrivalled as it supplies the world with the most chips yearly. It is also the country’s biggest industry and one that has attracted thousands of workers from the region.

Good things are in the offing for Taiwan, again with the advancement of technology. Experts believe the rise of smart cars is bound to give the country’s chipmaking industry another boost in production in the future, as reported on OpenGov Asia. That should mean greater opportunities to grow.

Putting all that side by side with its recent AI HUB initiative should create a pretty picture for the country as one digital economy growing positively, and fast.

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