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New app monitoring nutrition of children launched in Indonesia

The Indonesian government is integrating a string of innovative solutions to different sectors in its economy, particularly in healthcare and nutrition. 

In a statement, the Department of Nutrition and Health announced that it has spearheaded the launch of the E-Toddler Application Implementation Assistance Programme for Stunting Management as it attempts to infuse technological developments into a wider array of government operations. 

The rollout of this new system is part of a stunting prevention initiative of the companies’ Community Development Programme. The e-Toddler application was created in 2019. This year, the Nutrition Department said it can be implemented alongside a data-driven mechanism that helps store information on the growth and nutrition of toddlers. Data retrieved using the e-Toddler application can be used in the future as a reference for handling stunting problems among children. 

The Nutrition Department Head added, “The data will be recorded continuously and will be used as material for the President’s planning in health forums and determining policies, especially for the first thousand days of children”.  

The e-Toddler programme shall be implemented in the areas of Puskesmas Kalasan, Kapanewon Kalasan and Puskesmas Seyegan, Kapanewon Seyegan, Sleman Regency. The Department partnered with PT Taman Wisata Candi (TWC) Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko and its subsidiary PT Indonesia Comnets Plus. The collaboration is part of the firms’ Environmental Social Responsibility programme. 

The inauguration, held at the Pendopo Dusun Klampilan II, was well-attended. It was led by Toto Sudargo, Head of the Department of Nutrition and Health, and top officials from partner companies and agencies.  

Importance of the e-Toddler system during the pandemic 

Members of the healthcare and nutrition sector welcomed the launch of the e-Toddler programme. Ratih Susila, Head of the Seyegan Health Center, emphasised the importance of using technology to advance public health services, particularly during this period marred by the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In the same statement, the Health Center Head added that they experienced challenges during the first three months into the pandemic. These issues included restrictions to cater to health services during the quarantine. 

The Center is still in the process of strengthening health protocols and collaboration through social media. Through the e-Toddler application, health experts can continue to monitor their patients. 

Other speakers during the inauguration stressed that the programme will not only be applicable to toddler-patients but is seen to improve the standard of living of the general public. 

One speaker said, “Through this programme, it is hoped that there will be a transfer of knowledge, both in the use of technology which has become a new habit that can improve the standard of living of rural residents”. 

The onus of building upon this new technology is placed on the shoulders of state-owned companies whose functions include being agents of development as the nation continues to upscale different segments of the economy. The programme, as stated during the event, will empower government agencies to improve procedures for future generations. With more virtual systems like the e-Toddler, the transfer of knowledge and ease in handling technology will be faster and more seamless. 

Indonesia has been transparent about its vision to shift to innovative techniques to scale up its government transactions and improve the global competitiveness of its industries. In a report by OpenGov Asia, the government has extended support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises by encouraging them to do away with a restrictive traditional mindset and embrace a new culture of innovation in their operations. The government also said that invoking more active participation from MSMEs in regional and global markets remains on top of its priorities. 

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