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New blockchain lab in Western Australia to lead R&D

Western Australia’s Curtin University has announced a new laboratory that will focus on solving real-world industry problems with blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

According to a recent press release, the Blockchain Research and Development Lab, based at the University’s Perth campus, will be driving research in the areas of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency.

Driving blockchain innovation, research and development

The lab is run in partnership with a global software consuling company and led by Dr Vidy Potdar from Curtin’s School of Management.

The University’s Faculty of Business and Law Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Nigel de Bussy explained that the new lab would position the University as a leader in blockchain innovation, research and development.

The newly established lab will carry out applied research and development projects of national and global relevance.

It will focus on how blockchain and other disruptive technologies are transforming the world people live in today.

The work will centre on blockchain, distributed ledger and cryptocurrency related solutions, and will extend to associated technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and analytics where appropriate.

Moreover, the lab will help build academic collaborations with other universities and blockchain research teams from across the globe.

It will also serve the research and development (R&D) needs of international bodies that require expertise on blockchain.

In addition, it will provide training and mentoring opportunities for PhD students who are interested in pursuing research in these areas.

According to the Blockchain Research and Development Lab Director, the lab would be a ‘one-stop shop’ for students, academics and industry representatives who are interested or have questions relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Navigating through this next generation technology

It is critical for the University to be researching next-generation technologies like blockchain to guarantee that they are able to successfully navigate this technology and use it to their advantage.

The new lab will be significant in ensuring that they educate a new workforce for a blockchain-based economy, by providing training programs for industry and the broader community.

The company’s Director, meanwhile, shared that the new partnership will foster closer collaboration with industry and government bodies to research and develop solutions to today’s unsolved issues through blockchain and associated technologies.

The two will work together to provide opportunities for research students to go through real-life scenarios to research blockchain while experiencing the end-to-end blockchain implementation cycle.

The implementation cycle will involve Analysis, Research, Design and Implementation of blockchain solutions.

They will build on blockchain capabilities by engaging with experts and researchers from a wide range of disciplines to tackle interdisciplinary problems and challenges related to the developing and implementing blockchain technologies.

These disciplines include Technology, Industry, Research houses, and leading Blockchain Platforms.

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The Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund will enable peer-to-peer payments from donors to Curtin University with both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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