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New Centre for Defence Industry Capability to be headquartered in Adelaide

New Centre for Defence Industry Capability to be headquartered in Adelaide

Australia’s new Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDC) is going to be headquartered in Adelaide. This comes after the announcement in February that the centre will act as a key initiative through the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement.

The 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement marked a key milestone in Australia’s drive to increase the Defence and industry leadership for the defence sector, while building the capacity to support the Defence Force.

The launch of the CDC is part of a 10 year, AUD$230 million investment to drive growth and job creation throughout the nation. It will work to promote defence industry competitiveness, while guiding priorities across the industry.

It will begin operations in the second half of 2016, focusing on three activity streams including industry development, facilitating innovation, and business competitiveness and exports.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull acknowledges that the defence industry’s capacity for innovation is crucial to the Defence Force remaining at world-class strength.

 PM Turnbull has prioritised Southern Australia in his plans to rejuvenate Australia’s naval fleet. The goal is to mould it into a hub to build up the naval shipbuilding industry.

Embracing innovation is necessary for the Defence Industry to create more jobs and economic growth for the nation. With the establishment of the CDC, Australia’s Government is improving the capability needs to build strong and skilled future Defense force.

Image from Ken Hodge CC BY 2.0

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