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New channel for E-sports and tech news launches in Thailand

Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator announced the launch of TechStorm, the world’s first 24/7 HD channel focusing on Asian Esports and tech innovations stories. The channel is now available on Thailand’s Number 1 leader in Digital Life Service Provider. Its exclusive content will be made available to all channels of the operator’s PLAY subscribers, which are the PLAY application, PLAYBOX, and website, starting in August 2020.

The premium game-centric and tech-centric content channel will show award-winning programmes as well as the world’s first esports reality series and international game reviews for some of the world’s most popular gamesTechStorm currently reaches more than 37 million viewers in Asia. With the channel’s inaugural launch into Thailand, that number is set to grow even further.

The senior executive said that the company is the Number 1 leader in Digital Life Service Provider in Thailand. They are best associated with leading new market trends and being the first to introduce cutting edge technologies and media experiences that reflects the forward-looking aspirations of the Thai subscribers.

The company’s inaugural launch of TechStorm is a testimony of that. The channel’s unique Asian Esports, gaming exclusives coupled with infotainment slate of never-before-seen international series on latest innovations, featuring some of the world’s game-changing technologies; truly strengthens the firm’s PLAY content proposition to bring unique world-class entertainment onto its platforms.

The firm and its partners are confident that subscribers will enjoy trendy, pop culture gaming series premiere, featuring one of the world’s top professional teams. Thai subscribers will instantly connect up-close with life stories of Southeast Asia’s top gaming celebrities.

The operator has the largest user base with over 41 million subscribers, launching a refreshing unduplicated content now in this period reflects the firm’s commitment to meet and exceed subscribers’ expectations.

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the corresponding time spent on screens viewing entertainment, both big and small has spiked to more than 4 hours per day according to local reports. Subscribers can catch TechStorm Channel 251 on the operator’s application to enjoy the premieres of various shows.

Developing an e-sports culture in Thailand

The Thai government has been working to upgrade the local system for e-sports and to promote it as a promising new business given its THB22 billion revenue in 2018.

The Deputy Secretary-General of NESDC stated that e-sports has increased in popularity over the past decade in Thailand as the local game market and e-sports are growing steadily. In 2017, the record showed that there were 18.3 million gamers in Thailand, which accounts for one-fourth of the population. The government is being pushed to support game developers by offering them assistance and tax measures.

Within the same year, the Sports Authority of Thailand also approved e-sports certification as a registered sport type by official regulators, according to the Sports Authority of Thailand Act 2015. Aside from the gamers tally, there were 2.6 million viewers of e-sports competitions in Thailand in 2018, a figure that’s expected to increase by 30% cent by 2021.

The E-sports business is said to create careers and related occupations such as game casters, game reviewers, commentators, referees, and competition organisers. The survey noted that the respondents believed that it creates opportunities and motivation for children and teenagers to be more creative.

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