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New Defence and Innovation Network launched at the University of Adelaide

New Defence and Innovation Network launched at the University of Adelaide

Featured image via Minister Christopher Pyne’s official Twitter Page. 

Australia’s Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne today launched the new
University of Adelaide Defence Research and Innovation Network, which will see
Defence Science & Technology Group and defence industry researchers working
on campus alongside University researchers and students. 

They will collaborate on projects across more than 20 research areas, including
photonics and advanced sensing, machine learning and artificial intelligence,
distributed software systems, and cybersecurity. 

The aim is closer engagement with co-investment in key capabilities for much
more rapid outcomes. 

“The University of Adelaide has a great history of leading-edge research in
defence over many decades,” says University of Adelaide Interim Vice-Chancellor
Professor Mike Brooks.

“We now want to move that up a gear, and deepen our engagement through
co-investment in key capabilities under a true partnership model.

“Experience has shown us that co-located researchers deliver greatly enhanced
research outcomes, especially in terms of how quickly new developments can be

Minister Pyne launched the Adelaide Defence Research and Innovation Network
after a tour of some of the University of Adelaide’s world-leading research in
defence, including:  

• very high-powered laser technology for directed energy applications – an
important counter measures technology 

• the Sapphire Clock – the world’s most precise clock – which is of critical
importance to the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) upgrade  

• machine learning research capability, with numerous defence applications,
including in trusted autonomous systems 

• the Trusted Autonomous Systems Multi-Agent Control Laboratory – developing
new approaches to how multiple autonomous systems can communicate and
coordinate their actions. 

The University is also establishing a Defence Research and Innovation Hub,
which will be a first port of call for defence-related research and innovation
at the University of Adelaide.  

The Hub will have facilities to support short and long-term hosting of DST Group
and defence industry research partners.

“We are very proud to be a key partner of DST’s in many areas of research, and
we are committed to strengthening our partnership through this and other
means,” says Professor Brooks.

“Our nation’s future defence depends on those who can bring together the
different strengths of government research, universities and industry to
develop new capabilities and to solve problems important to us all.”

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