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New Delhi Municipal Council to launch a portal with smart city project information

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is planning to launch a portal consisting of details of its smart city projects, which could be implemented in other government agencies as well.

According to reports, once the launch date of the portal is finalised, the link to the Municipal Smart Initiative Smart Centre portal will be made available on the official website of the NDMC.

NDMC’s chairperson said there will be several sections in the portal. These sections revolve around the best practices that have been adopted in the fields of e-mobility, education, energy saving, e-governance, and physical social health. The agency expects to launch the portal by the end of May.

The chairperson said that the idea is to engage maximum viewers who can use the portal as a knowledge platform and understand what is happening across the world. They will also be able to learn about the regulatory standards adopted by these cities.

Every section will be divided into sub-sections, with each specifying the projects implemented successfully and the responses received from the public, such as smart parking, smart classes, smart meters, smart bikes, taxi stands, e-vehicle charging stations, and e-scooters.

NDMC is among the first in the city to introduce smart classrooms in schools three years ago. Under the smart classrooms head, information about equipment used, and tutorials that are given to children will also be available.

The chairperson said that from this place, NDMC can now easily monitor the traffic movement and illegal parking on all the city’s roads through CCTV cameras installed on smart poles.

The centre will also get details on the work in the VIP areas. A grander version which is being constructed is expected to be completed by the end of next month.

The portal will have details and information about the work done by other smart cities in the country and across the world as well. Other agencies can also download and refer to these documents after registration. It will have details about the start-up companies registered with the government’s flagship programme, Invest India.

Invest India is the national investment promotion and facilitation agency. It focuses on sector-specific investor targeting and development of new partnerships to enable sustainable investments. Invest India also actively works with several Indian states to build capacity as well as bring in global best practices in investment targeting, promotion, and facilitation areas.

In 2017, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) released a document outlining an ICT framework for smart cities in India. Essentially, BIS identified the standardisation needs for India-specific requirements for a unified, secure, and resilient ICT backbone for smart cities. The document explored three key areas:

  1. Last mile communication for IoT applications in smart cities
  2. Common service layer requirements in ICT architecture for smart infrastructure
  3. Comprehensive ICT reference architecture for smart cities

It said that the implementation of a robust and standardised framework will enable the optimisation of ICT infrastructure and help bring down the total cost of ownership in terms of capital and recurring expenditure in the upcoming smart cities deployments.

According to the NDMC chairperson, the standards for smart city projects are yet to be finalised by BIS.

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