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New epidemic management solution from HK lab

Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab has once again put out a new solution, developed by a company supported by and operating within it.

The company is now seeking start-ups, SMEs, other companies or government agencies to acquire and apply the technologies.

Solution description

The solution is epidemic prevention and control management system.

The face + iris recognition system provides customers with the highest secure identity recognition solution and a “Touch-free Access” experience.

Contactless access control systems do not have the risk of bacterial transmission. At the same time, it is not affected by masks and glasses.

The solution has a temperature detection function which automatically checks and records temperature when entering.

Advantages of the system

  1. High hygiene and security: The system is non-contact temperature detection and personnel identification. No need to take off masks, glasses and other protective measures, this can effectively prevent cross-infection.
  2. Fast recognition speed: Binding measurement temperature and identity information within 2s, suitable for places with many people, easy to complete temperature monitoring and identify personal identity simultaneously.
  3. Rapid deployment: Install and use instantly.
  4. Traceability: All people’s entry and exit records and temperature are recorded in real-time. In the case of confirmed cases, relevant contacts can be traced back.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in the areas of City Management, Commerce and Industry, Development, Employment and Labour, Environment, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Population, Recreation and Culture, as well as Social Welfare.

Technologies Used

The solution employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Facial Recognition as well as Iris Recognition.

Use Case

The company’s identification system is non-contact and not affected by masks. It can accurately identify personally identifiable information and record body temperature.

The system is able to identify all incoming personnel and measure their temperature and bind temperature data to everyone in real-time.

Since the coronavirus is a transmissible disease, once a suspected patient is found. It needs to find close contacts with patients.

This will be an effective means to prevent the spread of the epidemic. And our system can find people who have close contact with suspect patients in a short time.

The company’s system is suitable for use in all departments, it was noted in the press release.

Other solution aimed at helping curb the spread of coronavirus

OpenGov Asia earlier reported that the Hong Kong Smart Government Innovation Lab firm launched the Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Measurement Solution.

With this technology, public places for various entrances and exits can measure body temperature in a fast and effective way.

It can also prompt alerts from the system automatically in case the body temperature in an individual has exceeded the normal level.

The solution can be applied in the areas of healthcare, housing and population monitoring. It employs Data Analytics and Video Analytics.

About the Smart Government Innovation Lab

The HKSAR government established the Smart Government Innovation Lab in 2018 to explore hi-tech products such as AI and relevant technologies, including machine learning, big data analytics, cognitive systems and intelligent agent, as well as blockchain and robotics from firms, especially local start-ups.

The Lab is always on the lookout for innovation and technology (I&T) solutions that are conducive to enhancing public services or their operational effectiveness.

I&T suppliers are encouraged to regularly visit the Lab’s website to check on the current business and operational needs in public service delivery and propose innovative solutions or product suggestions to address them.

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