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New Kit To Deliver Better Tech Policy in Australia

The Australian National University’s Tech Policy Design Centre (TPDC) is will be developing a Tech Policy Design Kit, in a partnership with the Tech Council of Australia (TCA) and the Digital Technology Taskforce in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC).

The Design Kit aims to set the standard for best practices in tech policy design. It will consist of tech policy design principles and processes, as well as modules for government, industry as well as civil society.

The CEO of the TCA stated that this project highlights TCA’s vow to work in collaboration with governments, businesses and the community to create regulatory frameworks and policies that facilitate the safe and effective launch of new products and services, and support growth, investment, and jobs.

The Head of the Digital Technology Taskforce noted that the project was an example of how the government is nurturing partnerships to support the Digital Economy Strategy. She said that the key foundation of the Strategy are modern regulatory settings and that they are critical to achieving the mission of making Australia a top 10 digital economy and society by 2030.

Meanwhile, the Director of the TPDC, stated that the decisions made about tech policy today, will construct the world of the future. She said that given the consequentiality, it is imperative that the way tech policy is designed in Australia is matured. This partnership between TPDC, PMC and TCA serves as a tangible demonstration of the parties’ joint commitment towards this objective.

The Tech Policy Design Kit will be developed in consultation with the government, industry and civil society. The first module is set to be released within a few months. As a trusted voice within the Australian technology industry, the Tech Council of Australia’s vision is for a prosperous Australia that thrives by harnessing the power of technology. The Digital Technology Taskforce, in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, supports the further development and implementation of Australia’s Digital Economy Strategy 2030.

About the Digital Economy Strategy

The Digital Economy Strategy sets out how Australia will secure its future as a modern and leading digital economy and society by 2030. It builds on the Australian Government’s existing digital and data initiatives, sets out further actions the Government is taking through the 2021-22 Budget, and defines future pathways to 2030.

The Strategy recognises that the Government plays an enabling role – Australian businesses and individuals will ultimately determine our success. The Strategy is built around three pillars:

  1. Building the foundations to grow the digital economy – The first role of government is to create the policy settings for the digital economy to flourish. This includes investing in digital infrastructure, a skilled workforce, digital inclusion, digital trade agreements, cyber security and safety, and world-class systems and regulation that encourage the adoption and creation of trusted digital technology.
  2. Building capability in emerging technologies – The Government recognises the important role of emerging technologies in driving future productivity and prosperity. It is developing its understanding of these technologies so it can build capability and keep pace with changes in technology to position Australia at the forefront of technology development and use.
  3. Setting Digital Growth Priorities to lift Australia’s ambition – The Government has identified four strategic priorities across the economy where we can partner with the private sector to drive digital growth, jobs, and capability. These priorities include lifting the digital capability of small to medium enterprises (SMEs); supporting modern and globally competitive industry sectors in areas like manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and construction; building a dynamic and emerging technology sector; and delivering simple and secure digital government services.

The Tech Policy Design Centre is an ANU strategic initiative. Its mission is to support the development of fit-for-purpose tech policy frameworks to shape technology for the long-term benefit of humanity. 

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