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New partnership will drive technology innovation focused on IoT

La Trobe University recently joined forces with a leading global technology company for technology innovation.

As reported, both have signed a new agreement to collaborate on technology innovation with a focus on IoT.

Moreover, they will also showcase what is possible in research and learning through a range of education initiatives.

The Agreement

The partnership includes:

  1. A new position of a Chair of the Internet of Things (IoT)

A co-funded Chair will enable the appointment of an internationally acknowledged leader in teaching and research to provide academic leadership and to teach IoT at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The appointment will lead innovative and high impact research, including fostering and maintaining a network of academics at the University, with the company industry partners and clients, to inform solutions to real-world problems in the field of IoT.

  1. Establishing a Co-innovation Centre presence

This will offer unique access to world-class tools and global networks for Victorian small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporates in search of innovative solutions to real-world business problems.

Researchers will collaborate with business to understand how to best utilise technology and research to achieve efficiencies, create new innovative opportunities, and solve industry problems in areas that may include agriculture technology, smart cities and IoT.

The presence of a Co-Innovation Centre at the University will offer unique access to the company’s global innovation network.

Additionally, it brings together a diverse partner ecosystem to co-innovate new solutions for today.

  1. Access for educators and students to the company’s Digital Schools Network

This will enable local educators and students to digitally connect with their peers locally, and around the world.

The Network enables the safe sharing of lessons and resources, provides access to live virtual excursions and creates a space to collaborate on a range of digital learning activities.

Participating schools will gain access to tailored content, designed by the University’s extensive network of talent and expertise.

This opens up new possibilities to students and is designed to help transition students from K12 to Higher Education, so that they have an understanding of this transition before they leave high school.

  1. Innovative teaching and learning through a partnered approach

They will collaborate on research and design of innovative teaching and learning environments as exemplars for Smart Classrooms and delivery of new modules of the company’s Networking Academy program, focusing on IoT, cyber security and entrepreneurship, within the University’s programs.

This will provide best practices to improve learning environments, guarantee better student and teacher engagements in tutorials and lectures.

Ultimately, the partnership will help to create opportunities for students and academia, with a new home for co-innovation and collaboration.

This will be enabled by access to world leading programs that spark creativity and connection to deliver ideas that will propel Australia’s digital future.

Significance of the partnership

The Internet of Things presents new research and innovation opportunities and will transform industries right across the globe.

The Chair of IoT combined with the world class co-innovation capability, further the collaborative approach to innovative teaching and learning and open up the door for world leading research.

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