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New Solutions from HK Government Tech Lab

Two tech companies operating under the Hong Kong Smart Government Innovation Lab have launched new solutions that are now ready to be acquired by companies and institutions.

Solution I – Smart Car Park Management System

Solution description

STEMHub is an HKSTP Incu-App company; a professional in applying AI, Internet of Things, Deep Learning and 5G technologies to smart city projects and smart home devices. The firm recently proposed the following Smart Car Park Management System:

  1. A cloud-based Car Park Management System would be implemented with an accompanying web/mobile application that would enable drivers to make pre-bookings. The functions include parking space reservation, payment, car search and other functions.
  2. NB-IoT devices will be installed to monitor and detect vehicle occupancy in real-time, allowing car parks to increase their utilisation of the solution and improve efficiency. Users can query the number of occupied or idled car spaces via the mobile app or website.
  3. The intelligent parking IoT system will be able to achieve data sharing by using network technology and can provide real-time feedback on the number of cars and parking lot information, and guide the driver to stop and pick up the car.
  4. AIoT and OCR technologies would also be used for recognising vehicles model and their number plates to identify the vehicles and help drivers to find their cars.
  5. While traditional parking management methods use manual cash charges, the new charging system of the intelligent parking loT is undoubtedly powerful. Intelligent parking IoT generally adopts IC card charging systems, such as QR Code payment, NFC Payment, etc. Drivers can make a payment via the website, mobile apps, at the Exit Gate, via parking machines, etc. In addition, the network video surveillance system can supervise the toll collectors, which can effectively manage financial security.

Apart from the above functions, the solution also provides reports on sales as well as marketing and billing analyses. The solution can also provide operators visibility on customer behaviour through big-data analytics, enabling them to develop personalised promotions and propose value-added services to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Application Areas

The solution was developed to be applied in the areas of City Management as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

The solution uses Data Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Technologies and Predictive Analytics technologies.

Use Case

The Smart Car Park Management System can be installed in public car parks to enable members of the public to find and use car parking spaces efficiently and conveniently.  The system can also assist in identifying car parking service improvement opportunities in a cost-effective manner.

Solution II – 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform for flow and traffic management

Solution description

Outsight 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform is a computer vision-based flow and traffic management solution. The platform uses multiple Outsight 3D Semantic Cameras equipped with an active infrared 3D Laser, an optional RGB 2D Camera, and an intelligent embedded processing unit aimed to generate a real-time regional live map with all people, vehicles and items in the area of interest. The platform delivers real-time predictive analytics, KPIs, alerts and queries for end-user to take the best decisions in response to the event of interest.

The real-time situation awareness capability allows the user to visualise real-time footfall, waiting time, and individual and aggregated behaviour, to spot key events that require attention and interpret long-term trends. The platform can detect and understand the interactions between persons and objects to guide the optimisation of any facilities, assets’ usage and usage experience. The platform also provides timely security-related alerts and tracking without the need for a visual 2D camera.

Application Areas

The solution was developed to be applied in the areas of City Management, Environment, Law and Security, Population as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

The solution employs the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Mixed Reality, Predictive Analytics and Video Analytics.

Use case

Outsight’s 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform for flow and traffic management can be used in both outdoor environments, by mounting onto street lamps, and indoor environments in government office buildings. The platform monitors population and vehicle flow using only a 3D laser sensor. It can track and detect any event and item being interested in end-user for security and flow control measurements.

A 2D visual camera may not be required and a majority of the detection and video will be processed within the camera itself. The solution can help to reduce the privacy concerns of the general public while achieving the needs of flow and security management required by end-user.

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