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New Solutions from HK Innovation Lab

Two tech companies operating within Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab announced the roll-out of solutions that are now ready to be acquired by companies and institutions.

Solution I – AI Building Optimisation Platform

Solution description

The company has developed a software platform that enables persistent and real-time optimisation of facility operational efficiency thereby enhancing sustainability and expediting progress towards net zero carbon targets.

Existing maintenance and energy management practices in commercial buildings are inefficient. AI-powered Building Optimisation Platform enables actionable and interpretable analytics for optimal facility operations.

Application Areas

The solution was developed to be applied across the areas of City Management, Climate and Weather as well as Infrastructure

Technologies Used

The solution employs the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Deep Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning.

Use Case

Real-time optimisation solutions can save energy usage in total. The system has deep integration with a variety of data sources, from building management systems, IoT sensors and BIM models to enable a data-driven approach to build management through energy savings controls, and predictive maintenance.

Solution II – Edge Device Management Platform

Solution description

The firm offers smart devices management platform for corporations or government bodies to manage smart interactive devices such as mobile phones, tablets, POS, barcode scanners, smart watches and more.

Currently, a growing number of corporations are rolling out smart devices to frontline operations (e.g., handheld scanners for courier crews). With regards to the public sector, mobiles phones of police officers or barcode scanners/handheld devices of mail carriers. These mobile devices are important operation tools and valuable assets. They are scattered all around. Proper management is needed to assure they are well taken care of and are not misused. Hence a proper and efficient management tool is needed to take care of these devices.

The company provides a low-cost, easy-to-use, and extremely effective platform to manage these smart devices. Their solutions are the only Modern EdgeOps platform that has a big data architecture. It is cloud-native and does not require any VMWare server and can connect with thousands of devices at the frontline in real-time. This means that thousands of devices can be managed via one panel, in real-time, and without investment in hardware servers.

Benefits brought by the firm’s EdgeOps platform:

  • Security – Secured kiosk mode to confine device to designated applications and thus avoid misuse
  • Device tracking – The platform can track the location of devices in real-time and reduce the risk of loss
  • Preventive maintenance – Performance metrics of devices are collected in real-time. Thus, any device malfunction such as battery degradation can be detected early and treated accordingly.
  • Remote update – apps can be pushed or updated remotely and silently without the need for user involvement
  • Remote Access and Control – Unique Multi-admin feature allows devices to be remotely accessed by multiple parties, which facilitates troubleshooting
  • Easy to manage – The intuitive control panel virtually allows administrators to control thousands of devices via a single panel view
  • Works for all devices – the software can work on different operating systems (including iOS and Android) and all versions of Android: AOSP (Android Open-Source Platform), GMS or non-GMS. No other MDM service provided can do so
  • Fast enrolment – device holders just need to scan a QR code to enrol the device on the system
  • Low cost – Without hardware server investment, operational cost per device is only around 15% of other MDM server providers (85% cost saving)
  • AI ready – The platform is AI ready. The platform is ready to transform big data collected from edge smart devices into management insights
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