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New Solutions from HK Innovation Lab


Two tech companies operating within Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab have launched solutions that are now ready to be acquired by companies and institutions.

Solution I – IoT-Based Hazard Environment Alert System (iHEAS)

Solution Description

By using IoT Sensors, the iHEAS system collects, analyses, displays and disseminates local environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and water level over predefined areas. Environmentally hardened digital displays are used to provide critical environmental information and hazard warnings to the public.

Application Areas

The solution was developed to be applied in the areas of Climate and Weather, Environment, Recreation and Culture as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

The solution employs the latest in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as Mobile Technologies.

Use Case

Making use of outdoor IoT sensors for temperature, humidity and water level (flooding detection), etc., the solution collects critical data of a microenvironment like country park trails. The data is directed via an IoT network, e.g. LoRaWAN to a Cloud Computing Platform with rule-based analysis. Results are displayed on strategically placed outdoor, environmentally-hardened digital signage in condensed and easy-to-understand forms. Analytic reports are generated and disseminated to other B/D.

The technology provides the public with real-time, on-the-spot advice on the suitability (or unsuitability) of embarking on outdoor activities. It can be used as a deterrent should conditions prove undesirable. It prevents the over-ambitious undertaking of visits and minimises life-threatening incidents. In the medium term, it aims to reduce the reactive emergency rescue missions by Fire, Police and Flying Services and save emergency dispatches for people with real needs. It synergises the existing educational and alert systems of various government B/D.

Solution II – AIBOOSTER – Data Empowerment Platform

Solution description

The AIBOOSTER solution is a collection of platforms that form an end-to-end ecosystem of data collection, data preparation, data mining and data visualisation. It works with existing business data to enable dataset management, data processing and update management. The platforms are as follows:

  1. AIBook is an auto-machine learning platform which supports automated modelling with zero coding. With an industry-leading algorithmic engine, the AI application process is simplified and intelligent transformation is facilitated.
  2. AIManager is a one-stop model hosting platform for rapid model deployment, prediction, monitoring and evolvement. It enables AI applications to boost business value.
  3. BI Canvas is a data visualization and analysis platform that integrates data connection, data transformation, visualization, and analytics functions into the end-to-end workflow.

Application Areas

The solution was designed to be applied in the areas of Climate and Weather, Commerce and Industry, Development, Education, Finance, Food, Population as well as Social Welfare.

Technologies Used

The solution employs the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Robotic Process Automation.

Use case

AI+ Retail Solution

The AI+ Retail Solutions enables users to discover their business value and identify actionable insight in the data. The solution’s models help clients detect highly responsive customers for marketing campaigns. In real-world practice, model results enhanced the long-term conversion rate by 85%. The adoption of AI in marketing helps in building consumer relationships, enhancing the customer experience, and subsequently driving business values.

AI+ Meteorological Solution

This solution promotes the application of AI in weather forecasting and warning services to enhance the quality of weather services. The firm recently introduced deep learning and machine learning methods that use radar to predict future rainfall and predict AQI (Air Quality Index) values by using open data. AI Manager processes the big data with an iterative approach and generates simultaneous predictions to aid the forecasters in performing weather monitoring and making a final decision on forecasting.

AI+ Maintenance Solution

This solution uses AI to identify and prevent machine breakdowns before they happen. For example, vibration measurements are correlated with the data from different sources of sensors or IoT devices to gather system status information well beyond standard system maintenance needs. This enables predictive maintenance, in turn allowing industries to anticipate breakdowns and realise substantial operational savings.

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