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New solutions in robotics and deep learning from HK tech firms

Two tech firms operating under the Hong Kong Smart Government Innovation Lab recently announced that they have launched a new solution which is now ready to be acquired by companies and institutions.

Solution one – Roborn Platform as Superior Service (RPass)

Well-connected and with better coordination, that Platform as superior service (RPass) is a special class of distributed Robotic administrations that gives a stage of freedom enabling clients to create, run, and oversee robotic applications without the multifaceted nature of the control system but keeping all robots automatically connected.

Application Areas

The solution was designed to be applied across the various environment.

Technologies Used

The solution employs the latest in the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Use case

The company can integrate any robots or vehicles into the system and have deployed these robotic products in a variety of government projects.

About distributed Robotic administrations

Robotics and Automation Systems are now ubiquitous: intelligent robots help human beings in everyday life; the Internet connects factory automation systems to customers and providers to build the so-called “Virtual Factory”; “Web Robotics” is a new fascinating frontier for research and entertainment, one academic paper notes.

It continues to detail how new trends have been made possible by the evolution of the PC (in terms of cost, power, and robustness) and the Internet (in terms of security, speed, and reliability). This evolution has dramatically influenced the way robotics and automation systems are conceived and developed today.

The PC and Internet revolution promises easy peripheral integration, and universal access to shared data and resources, inexpensive reconfiguration of distributed systems. In reality, much research and development effort remain a need. Thus, Distributed Computing is the research field where new techniques, models, and methodologies are studied and experimented with to reach such goals.

Solution two – Deep Learning for Advanced Computer Vision SDK (DLACV)

The firm’s product, DLACV, is a mature and reliable technology that saves time, costs and improves quality. Over the last few years, deep learning methods have been proven to be superior to the latest machine learning techniques in many fields, and computer vision is one of the most prominent cases.

The solution employs the latest deep learning schemes used in computer vision problems, such as object detection, facial recognition, motion and activity recognition, and human pose estimation, including convolutional neural networks, deep Boltzmann machines and deep belief networks, and stacked noise reduction autoencoders.

Application Areas

The solution was developed to be applied across a variety of environments and in Transport.

Technologies Used

The solution employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Machine Learning as well as Video Analytics.

Use case

  1. Computer vision + robot navigation
  2. Computer Vision in Metrology
  3. Computer vision for screen readers
  4. Computer vision for intruder detection
  5. Computer vision for assembly verification
  6. Computer Vision for Code and Character Reader (OCR)
  7. Computer vision defect detection

About the Smart Government Innovation Lab

In 2018, the Government established the Smart Government Innovation Lab to explore hi-tech products such as AI and relevant technologies, including machine learning, big data analytics, cognitive systems and intelligent agent, as well as blockchain and robotics from firms, especially local start-ups.

The Lab is always on the lookout for innovation and technology (I&T) solutions that are conducive to enhancing public services or their operational effectiveness. I&T suppliers are encouraged to regularly visit the Lab’s website to check on the current business and operational needs in public service delivery and propose innovative solutions or product suggestions to address them.

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