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New Tech Hub Launched in South Australia

Australia’s largest bank recently announced it will establish a Technology Hub at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide, creating 150 technology specialist roles within five years. The Technology Hub will employ and train skilled technology staff, including software engineers, data scientists and cyber security specialists.

As South Australia’s global reputation for hi-tech, health innovation and entrepreneurship continue to attract multinational companies to the state, the bank believes Adelaide has the ingredients to be a major centre for technological innovation, collaboration and will help Australia advance towards becoming a more digital economy.

South Australia’s hi-tech sector has a reputation that is now recognised around the world by global brands. The bank is joining the ranks of several major tech giants in Lot Fourteen. It was noted that South Australia’s reputation for building a hi-tech ecosystem that connects global companies with some of the best in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and cyber security has created an enviable innovation environment.

The Technology Hub will be amongst some of the best companies and organisations in the world with South Australia home to some of the world’s most innovative companies that are utilising industry powerhouses such as the MIT bigdata Living Lab, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre and the Australian Space Agency. The hub will share in this innovation network, collaborating, sharing ideas and learning from others in similar roles and South Australia is the perfect location for this to occur.

The bank’s CIO for Technology noted that Lot Fourteen is a world-class innovation district with a curated, collaborative research and business ecosystem dedicated to driving productivity and solving complex global challenges. He noted that the bank is excited about the focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in South Australia. South Australia’s focus on artificial intelligence, data and cyber security are particularly aligned with the skills they see the bank and Australia needing to develop as we move towards a more digital economy.

It is believed that the collaborative environment at Lot Fourteen has incredible potential to encourage innovation and spark inspiration between different teams, organisations and sectors – on the one campus.

The Technology Hub will provide career development and innovation for new entrants to the technology sector through the bank’s graduate, intern and technology associates programs, as well as providing the opportunity to reskill people who are already in the ever-changing technology sector.

Located in the centre of Adelaide, South Australia one of the world’s safest and most liveable cities, at Lot Fourteen we are creating a precinct that is making a global impact by accelerating innovation, entrepreneurship, research, education, culture and tourism.

Lot Fourteen is supported by the Australian and South Australian governments and is positioned as a competitive and future industries focused precinct on the global stage in the centre of one of the world’s safest and most liveable cities. Already home to 1,000 people, the collaborative workspaces provide an exciting environment for global companies, start-ups and organisations from the hi-tech, space, defence and creative industries.

The next wave of development at Lot Fourteen has started. The Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre, with the Innovation Hub, will be our flagship building. It will provide a single, secure location for industries, entrepreneurs and researchers to commercialise and launch ideas and innovations to the global market. The Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre will showcase the rich, diverse and enduring cultures of Australia’s First Nations Peoples to South Australians and visitors to the state.

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