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New website for Auckland local elections

The website for the 2019 Auckland local elections is now live. It will serve as a one-stop destination for candidates and voters as it has information about how to vote, why people should vote, and how the Auckland Council works.

As reported, the website aims to facilitate participation in local democracy by removing as many barriers as possible.

The resources are available in New Zealand Sign Language and will soon be offered in Samoan, Simplified Chinese and te reo Māori.

Being involved and being informed

Living in one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world require that all Aucklanders should have the information they need to get involved and make informed decisions.

Candidates can access a range of resources, including information about how nominations work, how to campaign, and the roles, responsibilities and remuneration of elected members.

Nominees must be New Zealand citizens aged 18 years or older and enrolled on the New Zealand electoral roll.

Nomination forms will be available on the website when the nomination period opens on 19 July until it closes on 16 August.

It is unfortunate that one of the main reasons people do not vote is because they do not know enough about the candidates.

To address this, information about the candidates will be available on the website after they are officially announced on 21 August.

This website will make it easier for voters to learn more about the candidates in their area.

It will give the candidates the opportunity to explain why they chose to stand, the issues they are passionate about and how they intend to make a difference.

Once the elections are near, voters will be able to type their address into the website to find their local board, ward, district health board, and whether or not there is a licensing trust in their area.

Additionally, they will be able to search for their closest post box to return their voting papers.

Why vote?

Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta is encouraging Aucklanders to help shape their region.

The local leaders shape the communities. Every three years, the people get to choose their representatives through local elections.

Because of this, there is a need to support local candidates to stand and voters to make informed decisions in order for the locally elected members to truly represent the interests of the communities.

Furthermore, the website will serve as a reminder on key election dates to guarantee that candidates and voters alike will not miss any of the deadlines.

Key Dates to remember are:

  1. 1 July – Electoral Commission enrolment campaign starts
  2. 19 July – Candidate nominations open
  3. 16 August – Candidate nominations close at noon / Electoral roll closes
  4. 21 August – Candidates announced
  5. 20 September – Voting opens
  6. 8 October – Last day to post voting papers (ballot boxes will still be open)
  7. 12 October – Voting closes at noon
  8. 17 October to 23 October – Official results announced
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