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New Zealand Set to Adopt AI-Powered Insight Generator

New Zealand is set to adopt the world’s first Kiwi Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered insight generator system that aims to deliver richer, more accurate insights faster than ever before.

The tech is an AI-powered super engine, revolutionising the speed and efficiency by which data is transformed into rich insightful knowledge. Comprised of AI tools and algorithms, the New Zealand-made market research insights product allows businesses to save hours in data analysis, dramatically improving productivity and allowing them to use their data smarter.

The AI system was announced at New Zealand’s Techweek 2021. The innovative market research digital platform also connects over 62 million consumers worldwide. The development team used their deep research domain expertise to create a transformational market research insights product.

The platform offers tools from one-off surveys, qualitative recruitment and UX/UI testing through to hosting customer communities or voice of customer programmes. Pre-coded with instructions and designed for mobile-first, the system also has customised survey tools to deliver a more efficient customer experience. Adopters can also use customer panels for customer research and to create an always-on, two-way conversation with the customers. The system also has dynamic reporting that analyses, shares, trends and visualises data in real-time, creating audience-specific reporting via dashboards and by exporting data.

Adopters can also reach out for strategic insights from market researchers available. With experts across qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the users will have the support they need while running the system.

The developers said that the AI super engine is a “disruptive” market research tool, changing the way experts traditionally approach market research. By combining five different technologies and more than 20 years of market research expertise among the team, they are proud to deliver the AI-powered insights generator that will impact the industry and businesses, both big and small, around the world.

On average, an expert coder would take approximately 3.3 hours to handle 1000 survey responses. The system can process the same data in just 47 seconds and can provide a full analysis of the coded data with an insight report of its findings and actionable priorities.

The AI super engine is currently in the last phase of a closed-group BETA release. Experts say that the system is a strong step change in using AI technology to enhance customer insights and outcomes.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, similarly, New Zealand has installed its most powerful supercomputer for artificial intelligence (AI) applications at the University of Waikato. The move aims to put New Zealand among the leading countries in AI research and development.

According to a news report, the NVIDIA DGX A10, nicknamed the Ferrari of computing, is the first computer of its kind in New Zealand and the world’s most advanced system for powering universal AI workloads. The machine can rapidly and efficiently process massive amounts of data, allowing students and researchers at the University to process at lightning-fast speeds. It enables machine learning and AI that can solve problems from addressing climate change to managing the country’s biodiversity.

Machine learning uses algorithms to explore huge data sets and create models that provide answers or outcomes mirroring human decision-making. Models can be trained to recognise patterns, facial expressions, and spoken words. They can also detect anomalies like credit card fraud. It uses artificial neural networks – computer software styled on the human brain – to learn how to make predictions in particular areas through deep learning. The model makes its predictions then tests these against real-world results and is trained by humans to recognise what went wrong in a quest to create a more accurate model.

The report said that the A100 GPUs enable data scientists and developers to perform a massive number of calculations all at once, a key feature of the algorithms behind machine learning and AI. The DGX A100 has eight A100 GPUs containing 40 GB (gigabytes) of memory each for a total of 320 GB of GPU memory. When they all work together, they can process five quadrillion basic arithmetic operations per second.

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