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New Zealand to fund digital identity research

The New Zealand Government has committed NZ$ 5.15 million in funding for research into digital identity, giving New Zealanders the opportunity to have their say on how they are recognised online.

According to a recent press release, the two year work programme will be led by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

The Government Digital Services Minister explained that the programme will look at how government can set up the right rules and environment.

It will also look into how the government can take advantage of new technologies and to meet the evolving needs and expectations of citizens.

It is vital for the government to take a lead in guaranteeing that New Zealanders have control of how and who uses their identity information as more and more aspects of the Kiwis’ lives are taking place online.

At the heart of the proposal are better privacy and security protections for citizens’ identity data. Moreover, the citizens will be firmly in control of what happens to their personal information.

With this area being complex and changing in a rapid manner, it is significant to get the approach correctly.

Most of the countries and jurisdictions around the world are investing in approaches to digital identity that reflect their social licence, and New Zealand should do the same.

Everyone’s voices should be heard. It is significant that views from across the country and from all walks of life should be taken into consideration in order to investigate what the future role of government should be in digital identity.

Plus, they will be able to learn what innovative services the emerging private sector marketplace can offer.

Having a trusted digital identity is critical for everyone and so the government is looking to put the people firmly in control of what happens to their data.

This is an exciting and important programme to have. Getting it right will help grow the country’s economy, transform government services and ensure everyone has access to the tools and knowledge they need to take part in New Zealand’s future.

Just recently, it was reported that there is a new organisation in New Zealand that will bring together private and government organisations in order to make digital identity easier and more secure for everyone.

The aim of the organisation is to promote digital identity to the Kiwis.

It will guarantee that the country will be a country where everyone can fully participate in society by confidently expressing their digital identity.

Digital Identity NZ will be spearheaded by NZTech and will also contribute in promoting open standards and policy that allows room for innovation.

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