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New Zealand Vaccination Verification App Released for Businesses

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

COVID-19 tracer applications are made to be a compulsory technology for the public to scan QR codes on their mobile phones when entering businesses and public places in New Zealand. The government’s official COVID-19 verifier app, which will assist businesses in verifying that clients have been vaccinated was officially released. COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins announced in a statement that the app was now available for download on smartphones.

The Minister emphasised that New Zealand would begin using the traffic light system (COVID-19 Protection Framework) on December 3rd and that the launching of the NZ Pass Verifier app is another step for businesses and organisations to prepare for this next phase of the COVID response.

Any businesses that want to verify a customer’s vaccination status will benefit from this software. If they want to operate in higher risk areas under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, hospitality venues, close-contact businesses, big gatherings, events, air transportation, and gyms are just a few of the types of businesses that will need to verify their customers’ vaccination status.

The verifier app will scan customers’ My Vaccine Passes when they enter a business that requires verification of vaccination status. The verifier will display a green tick if the official QR code incorporated in the customer’s pass is recognised. It will then instantly reveal that the person has been completely vaccinated or has the necessary exemption and is permitted to enter their premises. Importantly, the verifier app does not keep or view any information about a person other than their name and date of birth.

The Ministry of Health provides technical information for the NZ Pass Verifier, and additional guidance for businesses using the verifier under the COVID Protection Framework will be released later this week.   It is also said that more effort is being done to accommodate events that are expected to attract big crowds at a single time, such as stadiums, festivals, or large tourism operators.

The ministry released technical specifications for My Vaccine Pass and its verification earlier this month. Some businesses will incorporate the technology into existing digital journeys or ticketing systems that require pre-verification. Supermarkets, access to health and disability services, and primary and secondary education facilities do not require the NZ Pass Verifier and do not require proof of verification status. “As My Vaccine Pass and its verification become part of everyday habits, we’re also asking people to keep using the tools we already have in place to protect us from COVID-19. Mask up, keep your distance and use your COVID Tracer app,” Chris Hipkins urged.

OpenGov Asia reported as of last month a new tap and go feature on the NZ Covid tracer app will be developed and tested at Victoria University of Wellington and several small businesses. The trial, which is being run by the Ministry of Health, will see the app use Near Field Communications (NFC) tags in addition to QR codes.

The primary distinction between NFC and QR Code is that NFC technology exchanges data using mobile end devices such as cell phones, tablets, and notebook computers. As a result, several new consumer-facing apps, such as intelligent posters, payment systems, and interactive marketing events, are now possible.

Individuals with a compatible phone and the latest version of the NZ Covid Tracer app will be able to record a diary entry by holding their phone against a small NFC tag. They will only need to unlock their phone and hold it near the tag, which will be placed near existing QR code posters, and the app will automatically open and add the diary entry.

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