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Nio Fusion 12MP: Diagnostic Versatility at Your Fingertips

The Nio Fusion 12MP (MDNC-12130) display is designed to combine PACS and breast images on one workstation, so you don’t need to work on a cluttered desk with complex configurations and multiple portrait displays. A Nio Fusion 12MP will represent both 2D and 3D images fluidly, brightly and in detail, further helping you to speed up your reading sessions. A set of unique integrated clinical tools improve reading ergonomics and support efficient workflow for static and dynamic imaging.

  • Medical grade display
  • Excellent uniformity correction
  • Perfect representation of calibrated colours and greyscales

Diagnostic versatility at your fingertips:

  • Multimodality display for PACS and breast imaging
  • 12MP screen resolution and Uniform Luminance Technology
  • Accurate and consistent colours and greyscales
  • Integrated tools to support workflow and improve ergonomics
  • Automated QA and compliance tests

Want to know more? Watch this video to learn more!

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