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NSW government to roll out e-invoicing service

The NSW Department of Customer Service (NSW DCS) has appointed a company that provides electronic data interchange (EDI) services for businesses to implement a sustainable e-invoicing solution that streamlines the payment experience for suppliers.

E-invoicing provides faster payments and automates the procure-to-pay process, providing many benefits for DCS and suppliers.

NSW DCS encompasses more than 30 different agencies, entities and business units, with excellent customer service a key goal across the organisation. DCS provides digital leadership and innovation in government services that align with the NSW Digital Government Strategy.

The e-invoicing was implemented using a Peppol-certified access point for NSW DCS, by creating a dedicated gateway on the deployed cloud service that connects to the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at NSW DCS.

In this gateway, the workflows and business rules have been applied to NSW DCS’s needs, to enable invoice data to be received correctly.

The technology flags any errors with NSW DCS staff and its suppliers. It has also established connections to accounting software used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), so suppliers can send e-invoices.

The NSW Digital Government Strategy offers digital services that benefit customers and suppliers. E-invoicing is a streamlined system that enables DCS to pay suppliers within the government-stipulated five-day turnaround period. It is also more affordable for DCS and suppliers, as processing an invoice costs less than $10.

The company was chosen as it met assessment criteria based on functionality and price and offered support and expertise.

It was also able to meet DCS strategic expectations to provide end-to-end automation to the procure-to-pay (P2P) cycle, to scale up throughout all areas of government.

The e-invoicing solution, DCS can pay invoices faster and help its suppliers maintain cashflow. The proprietary Access Point processes these e-invoices securely and accurately, reassuring DCS that its data and supplier information is secure.

It was noted that e-invoicing can make processing and sending invoices faster, more accurate and less expensive for organisations of all sizes, including government departments and private businesses.

The initial pilot was carried out in October 2019; phase one of the project started in January 2020 and went live in March, with phase two currently underway.

About the NSW Digital Government Strategy

The NSW Digital Government Strategy represents a vision for ICT reform and cultural change within the NSW Government.

The former ICT Strategy series provided a strong foundation which the government has built upon in consultation with industry partners and across government. The aim is to extend this to a partnership with the community.

The new Strategy is just an upgrade; it provides the backbone for the delivery of next-level, improved, user-centric services. It will ensure that the NSW Government is connected, customer-focussed and outcomes-driven.

Amongst other things, the NSW Public service will:

  • use digital ways of conducting business where they were previously prohibited by outdated legislation
  • co-design services with customers (taking into consideration expectations around the protection of privacy) and develop technology solutions in partnership with industry
  • adopt a digital-by-default starting point when designing or reviewing new and existing policies • partner with industry focussing on technology solutions with a whole of government perspective
  • experiment and be innovative in the use of new and game-changing technologies that have the potential to drive better service outcomes
  • demonstrate how they are using data to inform decision making, including around investments
  • optimise the sharing and use of data through the NSW Data Ecosystem, using real-time data and user-friendly formats for publishing
  • use predictive analytics to drive better outcomes across the sector. The NSW Government is committed to exploring and implementing new and innovative ways of doing things, to achieve the best outcomes for the people of NSW.
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