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NSW government backs unique NUW Energy project

Image Credits: University of Wollongong, Press Release

NUW Energy, an Australian-first collaboration of the best researchers from three leading universities, is working on finding the best solutions to Australia’s future energy needs and on ways to lower energy costs for households. The CEO of NUW Alliance said he was pleased to formally announce the partnership of NUW Energy.

The partnership is a unique collaboration of the nation’s best and brightest researchers seeking innovative ways of lowering energy bills for NSW households and businesses. NUW Energy draws upon the research expertise across the University of Newcastle, UNSW Sydney and the University of Wollongong, to explore one of the most significant challenges facing Australia – the country’s energy future.

The NUW Energy project will work closely with Government and industry to provide a data and research-driven approach to policy-setting and decision-making, along with driving regional economic growth and job opportunities in the sector.

NUW Energy is focused on the delivery of safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy to power New South Wales now and into the future. The formation of the NUW Alliance has been given the green light by the Minister for Energy and Environment.

He stated that there has never been a more important time for this Alliance to come together. And there have never been bigger challenges facing the State. These extraordinary times lend new urgency to the purpose of NUW Energy, to explore the challenges of climate, energy and the environment and to find new solutions that sustain our economic prosperity and ensure the health of the environment.

The Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, University of Wollongong said the collaboration was unlike anything previously seen in Australian higher education. Collaborations and alliances like this are the way of the future. Building capabilities and multi-faceted approach to solving the really big challenges that face society, she said.

The Executive Director of the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources noted, “as individual institutions, we are centres of excellence. When we act together, we can deliver a competitive advantage in advanced energy integration. It’s important that industry, government and academia work together because there is not a solution in just one sector.”

The CEO UNSW Energy Institute added that each university brought highly impressive skillsets to the project. She remarked that NUW Energy allows the team to take the unique capabilities of the University of Newcastle, UNSW Sydney and the University of Wollongong and combine them in ways that can amplify their impact.

The scientists see hydrogen as part of a whole energy ecosystem, where they can bring their expertise and add it to the expertise of their colleagues in Newcastle and Wollongong.

About NUW energy

NUW Energy represents the largest and most compelling Australian research cohort to be addressing current energy issues. Representing a global network of leading industry partners and allied research agencies, NUW Energy enables simple, streamlined and direct access to world-class research expertise, removing the traditional barriers that inhibiting collaboration between academic, industry and government.

NUW Energy represents more than 200 discrete areas of world-class energy research capability and unprecedented access to 30 distinct, world-leading research facilities, centres and institutes of research and innovation in NSW.

  • Over-arching objectives of the NUW Energy collaboration include the development of:
  • Integrated network technology to address future energy demands
  • Close cooperation between researchers and industry to ensure NSW is at the forefront of the development of advanced energy solutions
  • Opportunity to undertake high-quality research underpinned by the needs of the energy sector that drives global best practice and offers enhanced educational opportunities for industry and students.

Collectively the University of Newcastle, UNSW and the University of Wollongong are ranked first in Australia for research outputs in science, mathematics, computing and technology, and engineering.

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