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NSW to roll out Digital Driver Licence across the state

Photo Credit: NSW Police – NSW Government

With successful trials already underway in Sydney and regional NSW, drivers across the state will soon be able to carry a Digital Driver Licence.

According to a recent press release, the Digital Driver Licence is opt-in only, and drivers will always have the option to use only a physical plastic driver licence.

Benefits of a Digital Driver Licence

Additionally, the digital licence can be used as proof of identity and proof of age for entry into pubs and clubs.

Compared to the plastic driver licence, the Digital Driver Licence provides additional levels of security and protection against identity fraud.

The licence is hosted securely on the Service NSW app and locks with a PIN.

More than 14,000 drivers in NSW are already using digital driver licences in Dubbo, Albury and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Trial has commenced in these suburbs.

The Trial

During the trial, businesses which verify identities or proof of age such as licence checkers as well as driver licence holders in the selected trial areas are invited to test the functionality of the digital licence.

Participants will have the opportunity to make an important contribution to the development of the Digital Driver Licence by providing feedback on its effectiveness.

Those who are interested to participate are eligible to do so if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Holds a NSW Driver Licence (including learners and provisional)
  2. Lives in Sydney’s Eastern Beaches (postcodes 2022, 2024, 2026, 2031, 2034); Albury (postcodes 2640, 2641); Dubbo and its surrounding areas (postcodes 2818, 2820, 2821, 2822, 2830, 2868)

Conditions for those participating were also enumerated. These are:

  1. Always carry the plastic card if need for driver licence is known, or if there are plans to travel interstate
  2. Ensure that phone screen is not cracked
  3. Guarantee that the phone is charged
  4. Do not use phone while driving or riding
  5. If pulled over by the police, do not pick up the phone until the officer requests to see the driver licence. Significant penalties apply for using a mobile phone illegally.

Steps were provided on how users can get the Digital Driver Licence. These are:

  1. Set up a MyServiceNSW Account linked to Roads
  2. Download the ServiceNSW app to the smartphone
  3. Log into the app with the MyServiceNSW Account details and follow the prompts.

Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said the trials have helped to inform the state-wide rollout of the technology.

He added that smartphones have become de facto wallets and that they are using cutting edge technology so that drivers can use a digital licence in everyday scenarios.

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