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NTU Singapore to Co-Develop Student Engagement Programmes and Initiatives

Image Credits: NTU Singapore, Press Release

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore)’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) and Mediacorp, are collaborating to develop a range of student engagement programmes and activities that aim to nurture future media professionals and prepare them for the industry upon graduation.

The partnership will leverage the knowledge of both organisations to develop a range of programmes and activities in the Entertainment and the News & Current Affairs space to equip WKWSCI students with industry-relevant skills through real-life applications and portfolio development. The collaborative activities will engage students on various levels, from individual internships and mentorships, cohort-wide industry-sharing sessions and co-creation opportunities, to faculty-wide industry attachments.

A three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked ON 12 December 2022 to formalise the collaboration. It was signed by the CEO of Mediacorp and the Chair of NTU’s WKWSCI. Mediacorp’s CEO stated that the agency is committed to helping nurture the next generation of media professionals by sharing our knowledge and experience in the continually evolving media space.

By working with the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information to launch more initiatives that connect students with industry, we can help equip them with the right skill sets and experiences needed for the business. He added that Mediacorp will also benefit from the close interaction with students, to better serve their needs as consumers and future collaborators in the media ecosystem as well.

Meanwhile, the Chair of NTU’s WKWSCI stated that the partnership will help to further advance the development of talent in the local media industry. The collaborative activities, internships, and training opportunities made available to students across Mediacorp’s diverse platforms will strengthen NTU’s efforts in training industry-ready professionals who can contribute positively to the dynamic media environment.

Examples of programmes and activities curated for WKWSCI students under the partnership include:

  1. Opportunities for content co-creation: Students to script and commission short-form content with Mediacorp, with the potential for these projects to be showcased on Mediacorp’s digital platforms. Students will also have opportunities to develop youth-targeted experimental content across a range of genres, including drama, entertainment, digital short-forms, podcasts, children’s programming and selected focus areas under CNA.
  2. Experimental and conceptual projects driven by data analytics: Students will be able to collaborate on user research projects that feed product development, including user research AI, data analytics and infographic projects.
  3. Exposure to industry-level projects: Students will be tapped to work on consumer-targeted marketing campaigns for Mediacorp’s programmes and relevant digital platforms, including the discovery and application of creative digital solutioning. Students may also be involved in ongoing youth-focused projects with Mediacorp’s TV, Radio and Digital newsrooms.
  4. More internship and training opportunities: Students eager to pursue a career in the media may apply for internships and training across a wide range of roles. For example, students interested in audio-focused careers can apply for opportunities in high-demand radio and podcast roles, such as Music Director, Programme Executive, Creative Producer, Podcast Commissioning Editor and more. Workshops and training in new areas of communication, technology and news will also be organised.

The MOU formalised builds on the two parties’ longstanding history of collaboration over the years. Past activities include sharing sessions, guest lectures and workshops helmed by media professionals. Additionally, Mediacorp offers placements for NTU students completing their 22 weeks of the professional internship course requirement.

In March 2022, Mediacorp and NTU signed two Endowment Gift Agreements to award a medal to an outstanding student each from NTU’s Bachelor of Communication Studies degree programme and Master of Media and Communication degree programme.

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