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NTUC First Campus moves IT infrastructure to cloud hosting services

          NTUC First Campus is one of the largest educational agencies in Singapore. The agency boasts over 100 child care centre locations across the nation. NTUC First Campus serves around 12,000 families.

          With a large intake of toddlers and youngsters, NTUC First Campus must provide the best services and protection to its families. NTUC First Campus has already teamed up with a private partner to install security throughout their operations sites. This system also helps lower user bandwidth consumption.

          The NTUC First Campus institutions have worked with private sector vendors to redevelop its IT infrastructure. Traditionally, their information sat within an in-house data centre.

          The education agency established a three year cloud hosting partnership with a private partner. This has created flexible growth and deployment of IT throughout the centres.

          “Cloud computing represents the opportunity for us to transform our infrastructure even as we rapidly grow our network of childcare centres. The infrastructure is now more effective and responsive to business requirements and, promises flexibility, lower operating costs and managed risk,” said Lim Chai Seng, Head of Information Technology at NFC.

          By moving to the cloud, NTUC became a leader in childcare management IT solutions. Embracing the cloud leads to improved efficiency and better monitoring systems.  

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