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NTUC LearningHub to roll out a starter kit for “Worker 4.0”

NTUC LearningHub has announced a starter kit of training courses for companies which have set up training committees under a labour movement initiative.

These courses will cover five areas- data literacy, design thinking, process automation, digital technology and streamline of work processes. These areas were chosen as skills which are necessities for workers to transition into “Worker 4.0”.

NTUC LearningHub will be providing the training for workers.

NTUC secretary-general Ng Chee Meng said, “This is not the be-all and end-all but is an easy-to-implement starter package so companies can gather quick momentum and overcome the initial inertia. This can be the first step to start making transformation real for both companies and workers.”

Speaking at NTUC LearningHub’s 15th anniversary appreciation lunch at InterContinental Singapore yesterday, he added that investing in new technology will allows industries and businesses to have a more competitive edge and to transition more seamlessly into an Industry 4.0. He said, “Business can only transform at the pace of a worker in the workforce.”

This starter kit is to be implemented in the next two to three months.

NTUC LearningHub chief executive Kwek Kok Kwong said: “This starter kit is intended to help companies and workers gain quick wins, momentum and confidence in transforming.”

NTUC LearningHub has worked with more than 21,000 organisations, providing training in areas such as infocommunication technology, healthcare, human resources and business. It has collaborated with various tech and other organisations to provide workers with training on relevant skills needed in the field.

Other organisations are making such attempts in training the workforce towards the Industry 4.0 work environment. In an earlier OpenGov article, we reported that JTC Corporation (JTC) and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) have partnered with manufacturing companies on the NTU-JTC Industry Talent Development Programme, aimed at training undergraduates in advanced manufacturing.

There is an increasing demand for skilled talent in advanced manufacturing as more facilities in Singapore possess advanced manufacturing capabilities.

The programme is targeted at NTU’s undergraduates participating in the seven work-study degree programme and co-operative education track, aimed at deepening students’ industry exposure.

Through this programme, undergraduates will enjoy increased opportunities for learning and early exposure to the Industry 4.0 work environment.

The collaboration between the two agencies will provide a pool of industry and academia resources and share practical applications of advanced manufacturing technologies to undergraduates through internships and projects.

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