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NUS Students Create Innovative IoT Device to Win Competition Supported By the Ministry of Education

NUS Students Create Innovative IoT Device to Win Competition Supported By the Ministry of Education

The competition is supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and encourages the development of deep skills and continued pursuit of learning. Team PD Loggers from NUS received a funding of S$10,000 to further develop their device that eases the suffering of those with Parkinson’s.

The team created wearable IoT devices which senses potential falls before they happen. It will then alert the user through biofeedback for a corrective mechanism to prevent the fall.

The user will have multiple sensors worn on various parts of the body. The sensors will work together to acquire data on his or her gait patterns. An algorithm chip then analyses every gait cycle and assess if the user is about to fall at any point in time.

NUS student and team member of PD Loggers, Daniel Lee, believes that new innovation in technology represents a responsibility of the younger generation.

“Singapore is transforming rapidly through technology. As part of the next generation of citizens to live in this country, it’s our responsibility to shoulder some responsibility and think of innovative solutions to some of its biggest problems, so that we can create a better society for everyone to work and play,” he said.

The competition is in line with the national Skills Future movement to provide opportunities for Singaporeans to develop themselves to their fullest potential and to embrace lifelong learning.

The competition welcomed several creative ideas including an energy-saving management device and an oil spill monitor.

This IoT device can prove to be a key development for Singapore with its ageing population. According to SingHealth , three out of every one thousand individuals aged 50 years and above have Parkinson’s. This number is expected to rise in the coming years. 

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