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NZ government harnesses digital initiatives for better services

According to a recent report, a showcase was held at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in Wellington that featured collaborative digital initiatives.

Among these initiatives include using AI to assist digital navigation across government websites, supporting identity verification for New Zealanders, and enabling better mobility for citizens that require assistance.

Called “Working together as one: Government delivering easy and seamless services”, the showcase focused on what the government is doing to make it easier for businesses and people to engage with government services.

The showcase was hosted by Better for Business and the Office of the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO).

The Better for Business is a collective of 10 agencies that are committed to making significant improvements to the business experience with government.

The Office of the GCDO, on the other hand, leads the government’s digital change.

The event demonstrated initiatives where government agencies are working collaboratively to design and deliver more seamless services.

Experiencing more integration across local and central government is what businesses expect, and innovating services digitally is how it can be achieved best.

The event has provided an avenue for all government sector workers, business representatives and the digital community to see, learn, and talk about the innovative and collaborative work being done by the agencies together.

This thereby enables the citizens and businesses to better access and utilise Government services.

Some of what were showcased included meeting Tai. Tai is a digital assistant, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), who navigates through complex information sitting across multiple government websites.

The Digital Identity Transition programme, being led by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), was also featured.

The programme investigates what the role of the government should be in the emerging digital identity ecosystem.

It is working with the government agencies and the new Industry-led community, called Digital Identity NZ, to determine policies, rules, standards and guidelines that will form a trust framework for how people will be recognised on the internet in the future.

The ‘Better Rules, Better Outcomes’ initiative brings policy design and digital service implementation closer together by developing ‘legislation as code’.

It is collaboration among Better for Business, DIA, MBIE, Inland Revenue (IRD) and the Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO).

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform is collaboration between the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and the Auckland Transport.

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a free, globally-unique identifier, available to all Kiwi businesses.

It helps businesses to better connect and interact with each other and with the government through a shared network of information.

The NZBN will enable digital innovations such as the trans-Tasman e-Invoicing (electronic invoicing) initiative, which is expected to save Kiwi and Australian businesses NZ$ 30billion over 10 years.

Business.govt.nz is the home for Kiwi businesses online, with information from the public and private sector that is designed to make doing business easier.

Every month a quarter of a million businesses use its world leading services.

The event also showcased various innovation labs such as the Department of Internal Affairs Service Innovation Lab, Lightning Lab GovTech Accelerator and the Auckland Co-Design Lab.

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