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NZ one-stop ‘jobs and training’ online service

Image adapted from connected.govt.nz

In a recent article, OpenGov Asia shared how New Zealand has been recognised internationally throughout the pandemic for efforts in fighting COVID19, and in particular, it has been recognised for its’ impressive leadership from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Key leadership practices which are leading to New Zealand’s success is the government’s willingness to let themselves be led by expertise, its efforts to mobilise the population and to enable coping, all of which leads to increased trust in leadership which is needed for transformative, collective action such as the pandemic demands.

In the same vein, the New Zealand government announced the launch of a new online, phone and onsite service in response to the economic impact of COVID-19.

Chris Hipkins, Chairs of the Employment, Education and Training Committee said that the government has created up an all-of-government group focused on employment, education and training (EET) to support the COVID-19 recovery. This is one example of the initiatives that the new group taking a co-ordinated and strategic approach to job support will be rolling out as they rebuild.

The programme aims to create a substantial range of initiatives to help businesses and individuals in need because of the pandemic. These initiatives range from job creation to increased support for apprenticeships as well as increasing availability of existing services and funds.

The portal is a one-stop-shop for job seekers, employers and people seeking information about jobs and training from across government agencies. The online portal will connect people to the support and advice they need across all government agencies that offer products and services relevant to the employment pipeline. The initiative offers three clear ways for people to connect:

  • govt.nz as an all-of-government website that enables users (employers, job seekers and people seeking information about training, and soon service providers) to learn more about the supports available, and links to appropriate websites for more detailed information and how to apply;
  • A Connected 0800 line (0800 264 737) to support the website and help people access the information and services they need;
  • connected@[place] locations, initially operating in 35 of MSD’s employment-focused sites around the country and the three MBIE Jobs and Skills Hubs, where people can talk with someone about employment, education and training opportunities;

The connected@[place] locations are already functioning and is providing employment services. Employers and job seekers are able to meet to talk about opening and future opportunities, discuss needs with knowledgeable staff, get assistance for job seeking and conduct interviews. Agencies can utlilise the locations to discuss the services they offer as well as provide training.

The government believes that by investing in their people now, they’re future-proofing the economy and putting New Zealand in the best position to take advantage of opportunities as they recover from the global recession caused by COVID-19.

OpenGov Asia reported on New Zealand’s Techweek 2020 kicks; the week-long programme was a national celebration of tech and innovation presented by NZTech.

In May, the government announced a $20 million fund making digital devices and internet connections available to support eligible tertiary learners to continue their education.

The fund, called the Technology Access Fund for Learners (TAFL), will help make digital devices and internet connections available to eligible learners.

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