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NZ university partners with China for knowledge and innovation

Photo Credit: Massey University

New Zealand’s Massey University had recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee in China.

This partnership will benefit education, research and innovation.

According to a recent press release, Massey is the first university in New Zealand to sign with the committee, which is in charge of overseeing the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Suzhou Industrial Park

The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is an important cooperative project between the governments of China and Singapore, which began in 1994.

The bilateral project paved the way for Singapore to share industrialisation experiences with China.

The park has developed into China’s number one national economic and technological development zone, leading the way in innovative industries.

As reported, the park aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and to attract high-tech industries, especially software-focused information technology and biotechnology industries.

Within the park, the Science and Education Innovation District comprises 29 universities from around the world.

The Partnership

The aim of the MoU is to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and innovation between researchers, scholars and students from both China and New Zealand.

Additionally, it seeks to provide a platform to create global scientific and research collaboration and will include plans for collaborative incubation projects, applications for third-party funding, student exchanges, entrepreneurship activities and a scientific research institute.

The College of Sciences Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Ray Geor was invited to speak on science and innovation at the University, as part of the visit, at the Sino-New Zealand Scientific and Education Forum.

He described the park as a fantastic ecosystem for science and innovation.

With all the international universities as well as the local universities and research institutes, it is almost unparalleled as an environment for making advancements in a variety of scientific fields.

Now, going forward, Massey University can join that ecosystem.

Value of relationships

The Consul of the New Zealand Consulate-General in Shanghai also spoke at the forum, explaining that as a small advanced economy, New Zealand takes pride in its tradition of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

New Zealand-led advances in biotech and agricultural sciences are particularly well-known, both areas where the University exercises considerable academic leadership in New Zealand.

Whether in education, trade or scientific exchange, international collaboration sits at the heart of New Zealand’s approach to doing business and is fundamental to our continued economic success.

Scientific and technological cooperation between New Zealand and China has gained a significant amount of momentum in the last few years.

This is underpinned by strong political relationships at central and local government levels, as well as between tertiary institutions and industry bodies in areas of mutual interest.

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