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NZ’s Christchurch City Council organises smart innovation expo

Christchurch, New Zealand will be hosting an innovation showcase that will feature an expert panel discussion on the next generation of network connectivity 5G.

According to a recent press release, the advanced technology has the potential to change the way businesses and consumers interact with wireless devices.

The Smart Christchurch Innovation Expo

The Smart Christchurch Innovation Expo is organised by the Christchurch City Council’s Smart Christchurch programme.

The event will showcase leading-edge technology being developed in the city. It will feature interactive exhibits and fresh approaches to creating smarter, more liveable cities.

It will also host several panel discussions and provide opportunities to connect and share ideas.

Smart technology helps cities find solutions to infrastructure and development-related issues every day.

Aside from the panel discussion on 5G, specialist sessions will include experts from across New Zealand talking about technological advancements and smart approaches happening in their own cities.

They will also discuss exploring new ways to combine separate datasets to understand more about how people experience the cities.

50 exhibitors will be participating this year. One of which is the University of Canterbury showcasing its latest student-powered developments from the schools of engineering, science and business, and innovators.

An innovator that has created a digitally manufactured building system that helps anyone to design, manufacture and assemble high-performance, customised homes will be showcased.

Significance of the event

While technology is progressing and evolving, the cities should be positioned to use it to their best advantage.

Much of that advantage and advancement lies in innovation being developed in the gaps between industries and sectors such as design, engineering, education, and government.

The Innovation Expo opens the doors to the types of connections that can bridge those gaps.

A particular strength of Christchurch innovation is the creativity and success of the community-led initiatives.

That success should be brought into solving infrastructure challenges that can boost the quality of people’s everyday lives.

The Smart Christchurch Innovation Expo runs from 10am to 5pm on Monday, 9 September 2019. Entry is free.

Using smart digital signs

Another region in New Zealand is putting smart technology into good use at popular Auckland beaches.

As reported, a wave of digital Safeswim signs are coming to another eight beaches around Auckland this summer.

Auckland Council’s Safeswim programme manages public health and safety by delivering real-time beach information and water quality forecasts to help beach-goers decide which locations to swim at based on current conditions.

Now beach-specific, real-time information will be displayed on digital signs at those selected beaches.

The signs will be found at Browns Bay, Clarks Beach, Judges Bay, Herne Bay, Maraetai Beach, Point England, Orewa (two) and Taumanu.

The green light for the installation of additional digital signs, at a cost of around NZ$ 26,000 each, is great news for popular swimming destinations and swim event organisers.

It will allow recreational swimmers or those competing in popular swim events to be communicated to en masse with the latest water conditions.

It will also be useful at locations, where from time to time, there are water quality issues.

The digital signs will clearly indicate the status of the beach for people without access to a phone or internet and help Aucklanders decide where to swim.

The new signs will display a raft of additional information such as tides, water temperature, beach patrol hours (for patrolled beaches), weather forecasts, wind speed and direction.

The addition of these signs to the beaches is intended to reinforce to swimmers the importance of checking for health and safety alerts before entering the water.

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