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One Map Policy Geoportal to solve land conflicts in Indonesia

A national information portal was recently launched by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, according to a recent report.

The One Map Policy Geoportal (KSP Geoportal) will serve as a point of reference for land use planning by all government institutions and the general public.

The one-map policy is expected to address the issue of overlapping land claims in the country.

The President explained, when he was introducing the policy, that there are too much overlap in land use planning in the country. The problem, according to him, happens everywhere.

In Kalimantan alone, for instance, 19.3% or 10.4 million hectares of the island’s 53.98 million hectares land were subject to overlapping land utilisation plans.

Under the one-map policy, the government will be able to identify which plots of land are overlapping.

More importantly, the government will be able to resolve the problem immediately with the information that can be found in the geoportal.

The President has instructed the ministries and other government institutions to immediately take action in resolving any overlap in the land utilisation planning by using the geoportal.

The government has already integrated 83 thematic maps and have entered them into the KSP Geoportal.

However, two thematic maps have not yet been integrated. These are the National Sea Spatial Plan Map (RTRLN), which is being produced; and the subdistrict and village border map, which are in the process of integration.

The geoportal should serve as the reference for all if they wish to learn more about land use planning.

Three main activities make up the one-map policy. These are the compilation and collection of thematic maps; the integration and correction of the thematic maps based on the basic map; and the synchronisation and solving of overlapping thematic maps.

This policy can help in the making development planning accurate. Decisions can now be based on two sources, the data and the maps available.

Everyone is encouraged to start using integrated thematic maps as the main point of reference for implementing development policies.

Another portal was recently launched, or more specifically relaunched, by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, according to a recent report.

The Government portal, which serves as the window of Indonesia, was relaunched. The new portal will be rebranded and will contain trusted content from the government.

It will hold all possible and reliable information about Indonesia. Information about the country includes its achievements, its rich culture, as well as its famous spots for tourism.

The relaunched portal has a very different look from its predecessor. It is now updated with the latest and most complete data. Plus, it is now easier to navigate.

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