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Online platform saves motorists from car troubles

The car industry in the Philippines does not use technology for maintenance and service. It relies solely on traditional methods such as referral, affinity and whatever is cheaper.

Car owners would rely on their relatives, friends, and even the friendly neighbourhood mechanic for car-related services like body repairs, engine, electrical, detailing and spare parts.

This is what paved the way for the birth of beepbeep.ph, an online platform, gateway and destination for all car requirements.

As reported, it is a digital solutions company that was specifically created to make all car-related needs hassle-free.

Motorists will now have bigger and better options in the maintenance of their vehicles.

This love for cars coupled with a desire to change how things are being done helped form the company into what it is now.

It is all about making it easy for motorists to maintain their single most expensive possession: their cars.

With Metro Manila having more than 3 million motorists, it is essential to have enough information on the different types of repair shops, location of car wash providers, and prices of towing and other services they can avail of.

Beepbeep.ph taps advertisements in its directory listing. The platform can offer premium advertising exposure to new clients.

Moreover, the platform links car owners to over 8,000 curated and vetted car shops that can help address all car needs in the most efficient and time-saving way.

It also provides a trio of handy features that modernise the local car service industry. Search and canvass lets users get a detailed look at establishments and what to expect from their service.

This is similar to a menu of services, features, operating hours, addresses and google map locator, payment methods and estimated cost per visit.

The directory also includes insurance providers and Land Transportation Office (LTO) outlets.

With the app’s maintenance valet, car owners do not have to interrupt their daily routines to have preventive maintenance services or even annual auto-detailing jobs done on their vehicles.

They can now simply search for their preferred car shop on the web site or the app. They can then book an appointment and have their cars picked up by company drivers.

The drivers will take their cars to the shop and delivered back safely once the service is done.

The company is trying to provide convenience, wherever the customer is, whether at home or at work, and bring a certain quality and reliance to it.

For security measures, drivers are fully equipped with body cameras and are continuously monitored through GPS.

The platform also offers roadside assistance, which is a 24/7 full service for car emergencies. Car emergencies include batteries and wheels, flat beds, conveyance, mechanics on-demand and locksmiths.

It has also introduced the credit-card mode of payment for such services.

In their effort to make their list as comprehensible as it could be, the team learned that out of the 8,000 car shops in Metro Manila, only 10% – 12% offer roadside assistance.

This makes it harder for distressed motorists to find assistance, add to that the fact that nobody is sure if assistance is available on a 24/7 basis.

The service being offered by the platform can be availed by calling their number, without requiring any membership.

With 50,000 users, a dedicated call centre, reliable valet drivers, and the trust of over 8,000 car service establishments in Metro Manila, beepbeep.ph is in the forefront of modernising the car service industry.

The company’s mission is to cover anything in the car space. In the end, it is all about empowering both the shops and the owners.

For future plans, the company intends to expand to provinces nationwide and bring the same model to Southeast Asia and to the world.

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