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Online Platform Supports Indonesian Teachers in Implementing Independent Curriculum

The implementation of the Independent Curriculum is supported by the Merdeka Teaching Platform (Merdeka Mengajar). The platform provides a reference for teachers to develop teaching practices in accordance with the Independent Curriculum. The platform is an educational platform that can be a driving companion for teachers in realising Pancasila Students. Essentially, the platform has three functions, namely helping teachers to teach, learn and create.

Today I am very happy to be able to launch the Merdeka Mengajar platform. This is a platform for teachers. We hope that it will develop into a platform that is truly owned by teachers, from teacher to teacher.

– Nadiem Anwar Makarim, Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology

In support of teachers, the platform provides a reference for teachers to develop teaching practices in accordance with the Independent Curriculum. Currently, there are more than 2,000 references of teaching tools based on the Independent Curriculum. This will help teachers conduct literacy and numeracy diagnostic analyses quickly so that they can apply learning that is following the stages of achievement and development of students. Guidelines for implementing the Independent Curriculum and training modules will be provided in flash disks for education units and educators who have difficulty accessing the internet.

The platform provides equal opportunities for teachers to continue learning and developing their competencies anytime and anywhere. Teachers can obtain quality training materials by accessing them independently. Through inspirational videos, teachers can get a variety of inspiring videos to develop themselves with unlimited access.

In addition, the platform encourages teachers to continue working and provides a forum for sharing good practices. Teachers can build portfolios of their work so that they can share inspiration and collaborate through ‘My Evidence of Work’.

In creating a collaborative ecosystem and increasing the effectiveness of learning, the platform uses Content crowd-sourcing, where contribution-based content development can be carried out by all parties. The Ministry wants this platform to live as its own ecosystem. That is why the most important component of this platform is crowdsourcing.

Teachers can learn from each other and share through the Online Learning Community contained in the platform. The Ministry wants those who develop learning materials, teaching materials, study materials, and creative materials for teachers, educational organisations so that the content is richer.

Furthermore, the platform also aims to create a positive work climate through the Teacher Profession Network and Career Planning and Progress. This platform is a place for teachers to showcase their profile, experience, and professional skills, as well as develop their portfolios and competencies. This platform can be a digital CV. So, this is an opportunity for teachers to create a public portfolio.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, Nadiem stated that his ministry is working on several initiatives to improve teaching quality in schools next year. “All of our teachers across Indonesia work because of their calling, not for money or just looking for a stable job, but they work to serve. We will launch several programmes for teachers next year,” Makarim revealed while making a speech at the 2021 National Teacher Day commemoration.

To applaud teachers for their perseverance in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ministry will not only provide them with communication information technology assistance, such as laptops and projectors, but it will also open various technology platforms to aid them in teaching and learning activities, he explained. Furthermore, he stated that the ministry will give online training that teachers will be able to participate freely based on their ability,  “Teachers can join the programmes, the training independently, based on their capabilities, not only learning practical theories from teachers to teachers.”

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