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Online safety is the main priority of new MoU

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and the Domain Name Commission (DNC) had been signed with the goal of protecting .nz domain names.

According to a recent report, the information-sharing agreement signed aims to prevent and minimise behaviours that threaten a safe, secure and trusted .nz online environment.

Since many New Zealanders spend so much more of their time connected to the Internet, online safety has become a major concern for them.

This MoU will be an avenue for cooperative efforts that will allow for the management of a safer online .nz.

Furthermore, this will enable the the Department of Internal Affairs and the Domain Name Commission to share information between them.

The information will include domain name registration, electronic messaging compliance, and online restricted publications.

The two parties say the sharing of this information will help to ‘prevent negative impacts for online New Zealand’.

The Digital Safety Director of the Department of Internal Affairs shared that the Domain Name Commission’s expertise in the .nz domain space is crucial to keeping Kiwis safe online.

Working closely with the DNC will help them identify, disrupt and remove harmful content that targets New Zealanders or abuses our trusted online environment.

More people will be educated about security issues such as scams, phishing, fraud, malware, and other trends that affect the .nz domain space as the partnership will be able to raise the necessary awareness and provide the needed information.

All applicable New Zealand laws in the event of information request or sharing will be adhered to by the two organisations.

This will include the Privacy Act of 1993, as well as .nz policies and agreements.

As reported, the Domain Name Commissioner said that networks and alliances are very significant for oversight agencies and for the safety and security of the internet in general.

The Commission has a role to help keep New Zealanders and their .nz domains safe.

Both organisations share the view that the MoU will result in noteworthy accomplishments through the next couple of years to foster trust, compliance and good practices in the industry.

Earlier this year the Domain Name Commission signed an agreement with CERT NZ to ward off cybersecurity threats from .nz domains.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the DNC and CERT NZ aimed to protect the .nz space from cybersecurity issues.

CERT NZ will use their access to international cyber threat and vulnerability information together with withheld domain name registration information to alert domain owners in the .nz space to cybersecurity issues.

The agreement allows CERT NZ to access publicly-withheld domain name registration information when a security threat has been identified.

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